Bhalki Parish Parish News

Bishops Visit to YENKUR and DAVARGAON Villages

The faithful of Yenkur and Davargav villages of Bhalki centre were visited by Bishop on 10th March 2019. People welcomed the Bishop in a traditional way. Thereafter Holy Eucharist was celebrated in the both villages. Faithful were given an opportunity to express their views regarding their faith formation. Bishop congratulated and instructed the faithful regarding […]

Bhalki Parish Parish News

Pastoral Visit at Holy Redeemer Church, Bhalki

Bishop of Gulbarga paid his pastoral visit to Bhalki Church on 24th February 2019,Sunday. Rev Fr Clary Dsouza, The Director of Holy Redeemer Church, Bhalki received Bishop with great joy. After the prayer service in the Church, Bishop instructed the faithful regarding faith and Morals. Bishop met faithful of Bhalki, Priests, Sisters, Pastoral Council members, […]

Bhalki Parish News&Events

Seminar on Liturgy at Bhalki

Fr. Sunil Mankare, The Secretary of The Bible commission organized opne day seminar at Bhalki Church aon 16th Feb 2019.  Fr Gerlad Sagar, Fr. Thomas D’Souza , Fr. Sunil Mankare were the resource persons  who motivated the parish representatives to participate in the liturgy more meaningfully. 35 members from various parishes gathered and benefited from this […]

Bhalki Parish Parish News

Bhalki Feast

Titular feast of Infant Jesus was celebrated at Holy Redeemer Church, Bhalki on 13th January 2019.word of God, Praise and Worship  sacrament of Reconciliation  made the parishioners have  spiritual  preparation  for the feast.   Rev. Fr Gerald Sagar, The Director of Itga Mission celebrated the Holy Eucharist and Fr Harry D’Souza preached meaningful homily. Cultural programme, was […]