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Mr Arjun Kanak Mr William Shahbad
Mr Praveen Paul Sr Prema B.S


Participatory structures (laity commission, PPC) IN ALL PARISHES ARE ACTIVELY FUNCTIONONG AS ENVISIONED BY Vatican II Formation of laity through courses of theology and leadership and community building

Fr Vincent Thoras

Fr Vincent Thoras

Commission Secretary

Report of the Laity commission from June 2018

Activty Persons responsible Place/Date No of Participants Method/ Procedure Result/ Outcome Impact on the Participants
Election of the New PPC members
Parish priest and People
June month, respective parishes
New PPC members are elected
Participatory church is promoted.
Training for the newly elected parish pastoral council members
Commission secretary,
Resource persons: Bishop, Fr Santhosh Dias Fr Stany Lobo, Fr Anil Prasad, Fr Anil Crasta
Santhpur 22/7/2018 Bhalki Zone, 29/7/2018 Humnabad 5/8/2018 Gulbarga 26/8/2018



By Talks, input session, Holy Eucharist, Group discussion
All members are learnt their role and responsibility as PPC members PPC members felt happy to be the member of the PPC. They learnt more about the faith, diocese. Full cooperation to the Parish priest is assured
Active participation of the PPC members in the church activities Each member takes responsibility of one commission to fulfill its objectives Church becomes participatory church Lay leadership is promoted
Leadership training for the laity
Regional secretary and team
NBCLC, Banglore
Input session, Group dynamics
Our 5 lay members participated and gained leadership skills
They collaborate with the Parish priest in the church activities. They encourage and motivate others to support the mission.
Training for the parish pastoral council members-II phase
Commission secretary, Resource persons: Bishop, Fr Santhosh Dias Fr Stany Lobo,
Bidar 66 Gulbarga 34
By Talks, input session, Group discussion
All members are shared their experience of joy working as PPC member.

We learnt each member has tried his/her best to work in the commission

We are assured that the PPC members are responsible in their position
ContEvery member takes complete responsibility to work for one commission each and mission work flourishes.

Lay leadership is promoted

People understand the nature of the church as Participatory church. ent
BIDAR MISSION (1982) Laity News&Events

Felicitation to the newly elected members of the Gram Panchayat :

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