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Suvarthe Chinnara Ustava 2020

The Diocesan level Missionary Childhood association members meet Suvarthe Chinnara Ustava 2020 was held on 25-26 Jan 2020 at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bhalki. Chinnara Ustava began at 6.00 pm on 25th  with the prayer service after which  children in groups presented themselves with various cultural activities. Fr. Faustine lobo, the Regional coordinator was the chief […]

Sl. No. Activity Persons’ responsible No. of Parti. Date & Method Outcome
2 Meetings of Lay Evangelizers are held
Com. Secretary
26 & 31
Nov. 22nd –Jan. 13th / Mass, talk, personal sharing, Q & answer , interaction.
The Lay evangelizers are given the knowledge of the bible, doubts are clarified. Motivated to be committed
MCA Day is celebrated at the centre/zonal level
Com. Secretary, PPT, animators, teachers
Jan. 2019, convenient date / Mass, adoration, talks, reporting, cultural program
Life and mission of the Apostles is explained. Motivation to be a missionary. Helping attitude
Diocesan level MCA animator meeting is held.
Com. Secretary
March 4th, 2019/ sharing & evaluation.
Report from each unit is collected. New and innovative ways are gathered.
Meeting of 4 CEC is held
Com. Secretary
Sept. 9th 2018 / sharing, evaluation and suggestions.
Evaluation is done. New ways and other possibilities of evangelization sought out.
Sharing of new missions is held.
Com. Secretary
March 16th, 2019 / personal sharing by resource persons, sharing by various missions
New spirit is created. Support from each other is felt. Feelings of satisfaction in the missions.
2 Catechism classes in mission area are held by the Neo Catechumen group
Community members
June 9th,-July 7th, 2018 / preaching, prescribed books. Two by two.
Basic knowledge of the Gospel is given. The Christian way of life is introduced.
14 Catechism classes are taken in Cathedral
Community members
Each class 10 ppl.
From July to Dec. 2018
Mission of the Neo Catechumen is explained. Gospel is proclaimed.
Monthly living together for 3 days
Feb. 26-28, 2019 / personal sharing, witnessing.
Transmission of Faith to the children, Encouragement to each other to work in the mission.