VISION:  A Healthy Society, which upholds the dignity and respect for Human Life

MISSION: To proclaim the Kingdom of God through the holistic healing ministry to uphold the fullness of human life. 



Joint Secretary: Sr. Rita Bijapur (Bijapur)


Sr. Lucy Priya (Chithapur) Sr. Sangeetha (Santhpur)
Fr. Santhosh Dias

Fr. Santhosh Dias

Commission for Health care
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The newly built church at Jalasangi dedicated to Our lady of Good Health

The newly built church at Jalasangi dedicated to Our lady of Good Health (Aarogya Mathe Mandir), and Maria Ashram Presbytery were inaugurated on 15 July 2020 by Most Rev. Robert Miranda, Bishop of Gulbarga. Bishop proclaiming the Word of God on Blessed Virgin Mary, observed how she became the embodiment of the temple of the […]


Objective: 1. By March 2019 people in 60 villages will be educated on health, hygiene, communicable and non-communicable diseases.  

S. no. Activity Person Responsible No of Participants Place & Date Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Awareness Program to the SHG women on health, hygiene, communicable and non-communicable diseases
Sr. Alice AMSK
Talk and interaction Presentation through charts
Women became aware of the water borne diseases Learnt to Personal health and hygiene. Aware about the supplement nutrition food preparation Learnt few Home remedies for minor illness.
Awareness program to the students on personal health and hygiene
Sr. Dr. Sumi AMSK
Kalwadi govt school Satyanikethan school Bhalki Dongapur Govt. School
5 schools
Talk and interaction
Students became aware of the health and hygiene Became aware of how to prevent diseases
Awareness to women SHGs
Sr. Sandra and Health Personnel and the Social workers
16 villages
640 women and children
Talk, LCD, Video clippings
Improved health Health issues are solved Referral took
Mobile Health clinic
Medical officer Dr. Vishwalatha Nurse – 2
16 villages
1200 OPD covered
Screening, minor treatment, Referral takes place, Health education, Home care nursing and Counseling
Referrals. Home care given, and follow up done
Health awareness and personal hygiene to the catholic women of the Parish
Sr. Sandra
Jyothi Seva Kendra and Dr.OIGH
25 women
Talk and interaction Referrals
Women became aware of the health issues and able to get them healed
Health awareness program to the adolescents (School health education) - Sex education - Growth and physiology Adolescents health issues
Sr. Sandra
3 villages
240 students
Talk and Interactions
Awareness on health issues
Health awareness on healthy living –( Health, hygiene & communicable diseases -specially water borne diseases )
MTCH health education team
30 - 40 villages
Village women, children & SHG members. 20 - 30no/ activity/per place
Talk with posters, handbills, and charts
There is decrease of health complaints on these health issues from these villages
The women take interest to keep their house clean and orderly. Safe drinking water provision –boiling the water and storing it in a closed container
Health awareness to Asha and Anganawadi workers- communicable and non communicable diseases
MTCH health education team
Three PHC’s - Kamalapur, Mahagaon & Aurad Hoblis
30-40 Persons in each PHCs
IEC materials available in the PHCs and the training materials of MTCHT
Interested to learn more to improve their quality of service at Anganawadi centers and Asha workers in their house visits, etc.
Asha workers motivate and direct the clients to avail the facilities made available in the NGO and Govt. sectors
Active Involvement in the Immunization program at Anganawadi centers
MTCH health education team along with the ANM & Asha workers
Kamalapur, Mahagaon and Aurad PHC areas
50-80 women with their kids in each center per program
Immunization done Disease prevention approach used
PHC - Asha workers and Anganawadi center staff work in unison with us

Objective: 2. By March 2019 around 15,000 people will receive the quality health care, as outpatient, inpatient and on day-care basis from Health care centers

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Outpatient care given at Maria Kripa Clinic
Sr. Sangeetha
During the year Santhpur
More than 900 patients
Treatment and care Outpatient basis
Primary care is given Counseling Spiritual care given
Cured patients approach Maria Kripa Health center when they suffer from minor ailments
Outpatient care given at AMSK Bhalki
Sr. Alice and Sr. Dr. Sumi, Dr. Shivaraj Patel, Dr. Jagadish Bore
AMSK Bhalki
Total 14,000 patients. Skin infection : More than 10,000 Other ailments 5,000
Outpatient basis care given
Skin medical treatment and care was given Happy with the skin treatment Registration fees Is Rs.50 Medicine fees they purchase Per day = 1,500 Earlier it was free and now they want it free Come in cars and bike and want to have free treatment
Since low cost and medicine for skin complaints available at very low cost people come Many rich people also come from Maharastra
Outpatient care and treatment at MTCH
Medical team of MTCH
Gulbarga – During the year
2783 Patients treated of different health issues
Treated as outpatient basis
As a secondary Health care center and secondary complex care center patients received healing
People who received the care and treatment are happy. Still the progress has to be made
Outpatient treatment at Dr.OIG Hospital Chithapur
Dr. Vishwalatha and Sr. Sandra and Sr. Antony Mary
DR.Om Indo German Hospital
5400 patients
OPD Basis
People are helped with curative approach and getting healed
Recurrence of the same disease to same person has decreased
Surgery camps -Cleft lips
-Cleft Pallet
-Plastic surgery
-Reconstructive Surgery
-Implantations General Surgery
Sr. Lucy Priya Sr. Sandra Dr. Vishwalatha
Twice in a year
Surgery done to the 150 needy patients
Collaboration with Doctors from Germany and Indian team (DR.OIGH) Screening Surgery Inpatient care Counsel them Follow up done
Reconstructive surgeries done Disability prevented Health issues are tackled
Permanent solutions for the diseases
Referrals done to the higher medical centers
Sr. Sangeetha
More than 100 patients
Referrals to the higher centers
People received help when the center could not give Secondary and tertiary treatment and care which was required
Number of patients for secondary and tertiary care decreased
Day care is given at Maria Kripa Health center
Sr. Sangeetha SRA
During the year Santhpur
Nearly 90 patients
As an immediate treatment IV fluids and other treatment given
People received immediate care and treatment as primary health care
Day care given at Bhalki
Sr. Dr. Sumi
During the year
30 patients
As an immediate treatment IV fluids and other treatment given
Some were supported with immediate care and treatment when it was necessary
Inpatient care given at Dr.OIG Hospital
Dr. Vishwalatha
During the year at Chithapur
10 patients
For the emergency care
People are supported and helped when grave health reason occurs
In patient care given to the Persons affected with Leprosy for the Ulcer management
Sr. Alice and Sr.Dr. Sumi
During the year
75 Leprosy patients
Every day dressing and medicine given.
Simple, complicated, severe ulcers were cured
Disability prevented and medical rehabilitation done
Inpatient treatment and care is given at MTCH
Medical team of MTCH
287 Patients
As inpatient care and treatment given
All the cases are cured and they are happy. Few of them have written their feed back while they are discharged from the hospital
People are happy for the treatment and care that they receive. But still they want it free
Day care given to the needy patients at Dr. OIG Hospital
Dr. Vishwalatha And Nurses
During the year - Chithapur
1080 patients
Some of the ailments are addressed as primary care
Patients are cured from different ailments
Day care at MTCH
Medical team of MTCH
During the year at Gulbarga
379 patients
Day care
Patients are happy for the immediate care and support
18 Health check up camps in the villages
Medical team of MTCH
18 villages
60-70 patients per camp
Visit to the villages Health check ups Medicine prescribed Free medicine availed few times Medicine provided with reasonable cost
A majority of the patients were from the poorer section of the community, and they were relieved that health facilities were available at their door step
Majority of the patients treated were elderly men and women who had no means of either visiting a hospital, or the cash to go to the hospital for treatment are happy.
Free Dental treatment camp every Saturday at MTCH
Al-Badr dental college, Kalaburgi & MTCH team
MTCH Gulbarga
8-15 patients per visit per day
Screening and treatment in the mobile bus and in the Satellite Dental clinic
Many dental cases are treated
One of the major health issue of the rural people are addressed

Objective: 3. By March 2019 around 100 persons with Tuberculosis are given care and treatment in our health centers. 

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
TB patients were referred to the Govt. hospital for DOT
Sr. Sangeetha
Maria Kripa Santhpur
Around 10 patients
Referrals made
DOT treatment received from proper Govt. hospital and some have completed the treatment
Prevented from untimely deaths
TB patients referred to Bidar government hospital
Sr. Dr. Sumi
AMSK Bhalki
2 patients
Referral made
Patients are on treatment
Prevented from death
Care of persons with Tuberculosis at MTCH
Medical team of MTCH
MTCH Gulbarga
6 patients
DOT and treatment for other complications
Five persons have completed the course of treatment
As a DOT Center
Mr. Anand Social worker
Dr.OIG Hospital and Jyothi Seva Kendra Trust
4 patients supported with medicine
Giving medicine every day in front of a social worker
Cure from the TB is assured The TB patients are taken care who come to the hospital
TB cases door to door survey in collaboration with Taluka Govt. Hospital
Mr. Anand And Govt. Hospital health personnel
High prevalence area of Chithapur town
-Asar Mohalla
- Station Tanda
-Ashraya Clooney
- January 2019
87 suspected
27 positive cases
5000 households
Symptoms Suspected cases referred for screening at Taluka Govt. Hospital
Door to Door survey Forms filled Referrals Sputum test Reporting to the Govt. Taluka Health department
Awareness created in the high risk areas People know that the Govt avail medicine for treatment
Awareness program to the TB high risk areas
Mr. Anand and Social workers team of Jyothi Seva Kendra Dr. OIG Hospital and Taluka Hospital
High prevalence area of
Chithapur town
-Asar Mohalla
-Station Tanda
-Ashraya Clooney
17 patients at Jyothi Seva Kendra
Talk Interaction Counseling
Patients are steadily followed and out of danger
- TB cured Grow healthy
Supplement Nutrition to the DOT patients
Mr. Anand
Sr. Celine
Social work team
17 patients
Every month they are given : B protein, Jaggary and Grains
ContentDOT patient grow health as they consume the medicine regularly
DOT patient grow health as they consume the medicine regularly
Day care to the DOT patients – nutrition support
Dr.OIG Hospital
ContentJyothi Seva Kendra and Dr. OIG Hospital
17 patients
IV fluids with Multi vitamin
To be in compliance with DOT treatment To adhere with the DOT treatment
Financial assistance given to the needy TB patients
Jyothi Seva Kendra
Jyothi Seva Kendra
3 persons
Cash is given
To support the family expenditure to maintain the patients expenses
TB eradication day was celebrated in collaboration with Taluka health center
Mr. Anand and team
Jyothi Seva Kendra
27 patients and staff
Talk Interaction Distribution of nutrition Counseling
Awareness given

Objective: 4. By March 2019 mother and children who suffer from malnutrition in 60 villages will receive nutrition support either from the Government or from the likeminded NGOs.

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Supplement Nutrition to the Children – Class 1 to Class 10th
Jyothi Seva Kendra staff
Jyothi Seva Kendra – Chithapur
150 needy Children
To support the children good health To have regular education To support the poor families Avoid child labor Avoid school dropouts
Health children in the poor families
Treatment given to the malnutrition children
Sr. Alice and Sr. Dr. Sumi
AMSK Bhalki
More than 100 children 3 years to 10 years
Vitamin tablets provided
100 children growing healthy
Healthy children in the villages
Weekly on Thursday Vitamin Angels programme for Free administration of Vit. A drops, Tab. Albendazole for under five’s ones in six month and free distribution of Multivitamin tabs for pregnant mothers
MTCH health education team
Kamalapur, Mahagaon and Aurad PHC areas
50 to 80 children per visit and 10 15 women
Medicine administered
Health Children and Mothers

Objective: 5. By March 2019 at least 800 people with disability will receive the community based rehabilitation from community health programs

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Leprosy patients were given aids and appliances
Sr. Alice and sr. Sumi
AMSK Bhalki
15 patients
Aids and appliances provided such as Crutches, walking sticks and elbow crutches
Mobility ensured PAL are independent to move on their own and able to manage on their own
Dependency is removed
10 Medical checkup camps for Patients affected with leprosy with the free supply of medicine, MCR footwears, Aids and appliances, and blankets given.
35-40patients per camp
-Health Check up
-Ulcer treatment
-Medicine distributed
-Follow up done
-Counseling done
178 Leprosy affected persons received treatment and care
Leprosy patients approach MTCH for care and support and many are mainstreamed to the family and society
Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC
Collaboration with District Leprosy department
) Oct 22nd to 4th Nov 2018 (KLB. Dist)
5000 households
Door to door survey
38 new cases detected and they are on MDT treatment
Step towards Leprosy free district
Ulcer care to the PAL
Sr. Dr. Sumi AMSK
Dr. Kaviraj MTCH
During the year
1265 ulcer treated OPD level
Medication Dressing
Ulcer cured Disability prevented
MCR sandals
During the year
500 PAL patients
MCR footwear provided
Disability prevented
PAL new cases detected
During the year
41 cases
One is child below 14 years Rest 18 adults
PAL cases are on treatment given – MDT
During the year
35 cases
MDT provided
On treatment for cure
DPMR – Disability prevention and Medical rehabilitation camp for the PAL in collaboration with the DLO office and Punjab boot house
11th Sept 2018
52 persons benefitted
Medical check up Talk on self care MCR footwear and aids and appliances distributed
Rehabilitation support received
Assessment camp for aids & appliances to the persons with disability.
CBR Team of MTCH Trust and Samarthya APD NGO
157 Disabled persons
The list of selected 100 disabled persons for aids and appliances supply submitted to donor agency
Early intervention program (0-6 years) to the children with disability:
ContentMTCH team APD team
32 children with disability with their parents/caregivers attended the program at the MTCH campus
Each of the 32 disabled children were given a thorough check up by the APD personnel, and a list was prepared regarding the aids and appliances required by the children
Mentally challenged persons – day care
Sr. Winnifred,
Disha day care center @ MTCH
47 children
Physiotherapy Treatment and care for the minor ailments Supplement nutritional food Counseling to the care givers
The children were over excited, in the beginning as this was their first exposure outdoors, slowly they calmed down and began to play with one another, and some of the children began to recognize the MTCH staff and others
Home based physiotherapy by the sister in charge through family visits, demonstration to the care givers:
CBR team and MTCH team
Client’s houses
20 clients
Physiotherapy Counseling
Children are encouraged and helped to gain confidence to perform their ADL (Activities of daily life)
Two Spinal cord injury Medical and Social rehabilitation camps were helped to assess their medical fitness and to initiate physiotherapy to make them self confident for their ADL independently
Samarthya APD organization & MTCH team
MTCH Gulbarga
10clients per camp attended
The patients who were depending on their care taker for their ADL are confident to move independently for their needs
Boosting of energy and self-confidence for their free movement. Interaction with other clients
Education rights of the children with disability – Awareness program called - We ring the bell
MTCH team (Swabhiman Project – CHAI-LF)
13th March’19. Zaffarabad &Syed Chincholi village Kalaburagi
921 participants School children, school teachers and village community
-Awareness talks
-Handbills distribution of PWD welfare act 2016
-Assurance of use of 3% of funds for the education of the children with disability in the Panchayaths
ConteDisabled children to join the main stream i.e. schools both Govt and privatent
School children, Head masters, teachers, GP members, SDMC presidents and village community have expressed that they would do the needful in the next academic year
CBR activities (Jeevana Sankalpa program
MTCHT community health team
Kamlapur, Mahagaon and Aurad hoblies – 30 villages
300 children and youth with disabilities
Community based approach
300 children and youth are in the process of rehabilitation
All the hidden cases of disability began to approach MTCHT
Swabhiman new project began from Nov 2018
Mr. Ranganathan Program officer and Mr. Shivaraj Coordinator
Pattan Hobli (4 Panchayaths, 11 villages)
CBR for 89 +14 children and youth with disability
The process of CBR began with IRP (Individual Rehabilitation Plan) 8 DCOs (Differently able children organizations) formed 2 Corrective surgeries done DCO DCO leadership training given
Content38 children with disability assessed for assistive devices and list is sent to Regional rehabilitation center Davangere
RRC – Davangere, Disability welfare office, MTCHT
Disability welfare office
38 children and youth with disability
38 children list is sent to RRC Davangere
110 children and youth obtained basic documents
Govt depts.
4 hoblies
108 Children and youth
Handholding training and application
110 children and youth have social security documents
Community health staff had exposure program to the CBR activities of Samarthy NGO – Koppal
7 persons
Visit, talk, demos, interaction
More clarity in spinal cord injury program specific and CBR in general
Need assessment of the persons with disability by MSW students of TATA Institute of Social Science and APD
Pattan and Kamlapur hoblis
15 students
Survey Interviews
Proper need assessment reports prepared for the future interventions

Objective: 6: By 2019, at least 10% of the patients in our health centers use the herbal medicine as an alternative medicine.  

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Herbal Medicine prescribed
Sr. Dr. Sumi
Bhalki AMSK
150 patients
Prescription given
Alternative medicine promoted Many patients like it and continue
Many have been cured due to herbal medicine. And they continue asking it for other ailments
Patients and their care givers are taught how to prepare Herbal medicine
Sr. Dr. Sumi and Sr. Alice
Bhalki AMSK
120 patients
Prepared and taught
Many prepare at home and use it
Many have reported that they are cured
Herbal medicine given
Sr. Dr. Sumi
130 patients
Herbal medicine provided
Homeopathic medicine provided
Sr. Dr. Sumi
300 patients
Homeopathic medicine provided
Herbal garden initiated
MTCHT premises -October -2018
25 plants available
Area allotted and herbal plants are planted
Have developed a rapport with Dr Nirmala Ayurvedic college professor, who had supplied herbal saplings. Visit by Krishi vignana Kendra AGRI Officers who have visited the herbal garden and have given suggestions Efforts are on to prepare herbal medicines in collaboration with the Ayurveda college, Kalaburagi


Objective: 1. By March 2019 at least 150 People who are addicted to Alcohol and other substance use will be treated and rehabilitated through the de-addiction centers.

S. no. Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header Table Header
Alcoholic patients helped as Inpatients and Follow up In patient care Medicine Counseling Follow up
Sr. Alice and Sr. Dr. Sumi
AMSK Bhalki
55 patients
In patient admission for 5 to 7 days
65% results
Happy families of those who have completely given up alcohol consumption
De-addiction camp – 49 participants – 6camps
Sr. Dr. Adelcia MTCHT
AshaDeepa Center @MTCH trust campus
49 patients as Camp participants 30 persons as community based
21 days residential camp approach
65% of the alcoholics who have attended the camp have given up alcohol
-Families have been reunited - children of alcoholic families have rejoined school - A majority of the alcoholics have gone back to work and have taken responsibility of their households - Smiles of satisfaction and happiness are visible on parent’s faces.

Objective: 2. By March 2019 around 1000 adults and children living with HIV/AIDS will receive care and treatment through the community care centers.

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Care and support to the PHLIV
Sr. Rita Francis Br. Vincent
Bijapur and Jewargi During the year
460 patients
OP IP Day care ART
Life span increased PLHIV live without fear of immediate death
Patients come from far and near and find solace
Sparsha Care and support to the CLHIV
Fr. Bapu
25 children
CLHIV life saved for few years
Most needy receive care.
Svetlana project for free check up of HIV test
MTCH lab. team & Svetana coordinator
105 free test for HIV conducted
Lab tests
Few HIV positive cases found and referred for further care and support and ART
HIV/AIDS symptomatic treatment
Sr. Dr. Sumi
AMSK Bhalki
5 patients
OPD basis
Related ailments treated
CCC Project Planned for 3 organization of the Diocese
H. Com Secretary
Jan 2019
Expression of interest to participate in the program is sent
Names of St. Joseph CCC Bijapur, ORBIT and MTCHT is included
Personal health and hygiene talk and general check up to the Sparsha center
Sr. Dr. Sumi, Sr. Dr. Felly and two postulants
July 2018
25 children
Visit Health check up Talk
Medical support and awareness

Objective: 3. By March 2019 the Diocese has given geriatric care at least to 20 elderly sick persons.

S. no. Activity Person Responsible No of Participants Place & Date Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Aged people given inpatients helped
AMSK Bhalki
10 patients
Inpatient care and treatment
Elderly people received care
Senior citizen day in the Parish and in the village
Sr. Celine
Chithapur Parish And Sathnoor village
13 persons 45 persons
Talk , instructions, games, cultural program, memento presented and refreshments
Senior citizens were respected and honored

Objective: 5. By March 2019, a proposal is submitted to begin a separate unit as a Home for the Destitute and mentally challenged to give shelter, treatment and rehabilitation.

S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Aged people given inpatients helped
AMSK Bhalki
10 patients
Inpatient care and treatment
Elderly people received care
Senior citizen day in the Parish and in the village
Sr. Celine
Chithapur Parish And Sathnoor village
13 persons 45 persons
Talk , instructions, games, cultural program, memento presented and refreshments
Senior citizens were respected and honored


S. no. Activity Person Responsible Place & Date No of Participants Method Results/Outcome Impact on the Participants
Eye screening
Sr. Rajani
Santhpur on March 8th, 2019
60 women
Referrals are done for further treatment and surgeries
Medical checkup for the Divya Jyothi School students
Sr. Dr. Sumi Dr. Shivaraj Patil, Sr. Jospine, Sangeetha
March 2018
200 Students
Health check up
Students health screened and referrals done
Students health check ups
Dr. vishwalath and Sr. Sandra
2 village school
300 students
Check up Screening
Child health promoted
3 Free cancer screening camps held at MTCHT
NH city medical team & MTCH team
18th Nov
17 Dec
18th Jan
50-70persons per camp
Suspected cases referred
36 cases referred for higher treatment
Arogya Chithara – Quarterly bulletin published
MTCHT staff
August - 2018
3000 copies has been printed
Printed and published
2900 bulletins have been dispatched, and persons and Institutions have come to know regarding the various activities of MTCHT
Christmas celebration with celebration of the Holy Eucharist and felicitation prog.
MTCHT staff
Dec 25
Approximately 350 people attended the program
Eucharist Felicitation
A number of persons who helped MTCHT recognized and felicitated
MoU signed with Al Badar Dental college and Hospital for regular camps on Saturdays at MTCHT
June 2018
MoU signed
300 persons received dental care
Established MTCH Trust office and the staff office
Community Health staff has place to plan the programs
Empanelled with Arogya Karnataka and Ayushman Bharath Health Protection Scheme (AB-ArK)
Application filed
Empanelled for AB-ArK
Part of the Govt. health scheme Collaboration with Govt. Scheme in the future
FCRA certificate received
Fr. Santhosh Dias, Director MTCHT
July 3rd 2019
Thereafter received funds from 3 funding agencies 4th project is approved
Enables MTCHT in outreach programs to expand its activities, and serve the poor and needy more extensively.
Networking and collaboration with likeminded organizations and institutions
During the year
CHAI, CHAKA, ADD India, Federal Bank, Selco Solar lights foundation, AIFO – AMICI, APD, Rotary Clubs and Inner wheel clubs, Svetlana NGO, Punjab Boot house, Samooha- Samarthya NGO, NH city Bangalore, SCN Congregation, Apostolic Carmel Sisters Congregation, Sitharam Jindal foundation, Al Badar Dental College and Hospital, KBN Nursing College, Hingulambika Ayurvedic College, District Leprosy office, RRC Davangere, District Anti Tobacco Cell, District Mental welfare Department, DHO office, THO office, Krishnamurthy Hospital Bidar, PHCs, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, Teachers, Panchayath members, village leaders,
CSR fund, Programs sanctioned, support received to help the poor and the needy patients
Future Plans:
  • Appointing a good committed Doctors and a team of Doctors
  • Starting Cataract eye surgery camps once in a month
  • Health check up camps and Care and support camp to the mentally challenged children and youth
  • Appointing a Physiotherapy Doctor for Weekly basis Physiotherapy
  • Starting the care and support to the Destitute, aged Sick persons under Divya Chethana project
  • To train the Multipurpose Hospital workers
  • Establishing the Medical rehabilitation center for Spinal cord injury patients