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PPC Workshop at Gulbarga and ORBIT:

The workshop on the Role of Evangelization by the laity was organised on 3 and 4th August 2019  at Kalaburagi and ORBIT respectively by the Laity Commission.  UCPI Team headed by Mr. Vijay and his team took up the sessions on united Prayer and action. They presented the five steps for the evangelization. They are,

  1. a) Pray for the Nation and preach the Great Commission.
  2. b) Adopt an area or village.
  3. c) Hold Envisioning Meetings.
  4. d) Organise Days of Prayer for the Nation.
  5. e) Mobilise Church Members to share the Good News.  45 Participants  at Kalaburgai and 151 participants gathered at ORBIT.  Fr. Vincent Thoras the Secretary for the Commission had organised it beautifully.

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