Review cum planning meeting of the commission for women

Review cum planning meeting of the commission for women   took at Sugyan on 30th July 2019.  Sr. Nancy Lobo FMM, the new secretary for women’s commission moderated the meeting. There were 29 participants.  Bishop Robert Miranda and Fr, Stany Lobo the Vicar General were present. Fr. Stany Lobo extended a warm welcome to each one present and wished success for the meeting. Bishop in his introductory speech introduced Sr. Nancy Lobo to the participants  and wished her all good in the new responsibility. He also explained in detail the Goal and objectives of the women commission in Gulbarga diocese and stressed on women’s participation in the liturgy, church activities, family and in the society at large. Bishop said that we live in Patriarchal society where men decide and women listen to, men exercise the leadership and women are passive members. Here we need to work for a equal and humane society where men and women work hand in hand, and no one is superior. He appreciated women’s contribution in the parishes and mission centres. He also explained to the participants days the objectives of programme and urged them to participate actively.   The agenda for the meeting as follows: Self introduction, Sharing from the participants about their women’s cell, saving in the groups, Term of office of the office bearers, and Studying and finalizing the Goals and objectives for the coming years.

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