Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry in Gulbarga diocese continues in 8 prisons of the 4 districts. The Prison Ministry volunteers have teamed up in each prison involving Sisters, Priests and some lay persons. There are regular activities taking place once a week or once in 15 days. Prison volunteers spend time in counseling, praying or other activities during every visit.

The Activities include:

  • • Regular visits to the Prison
  • • Visits to the Family
  • • Counseling the Prisoners
  • • Release of Prisoners
  • • Legal assistance
  • • Monthly meeting and Adoration by the PMI team

Prisons in Gulbarga Diocese:

Following are the persons volunteered to Prisons in Gulbarga Diocese

Sr. Reena D’Souza SSpS

Sr. Reena D’Souza SSpS


Prison Volunteers No
Gulbarga Sr. Reena SSpS, Fr. David, Fr. Nelson OCD, Fr. Praveen,
Ms. Leena Pereira, Sr. Laveena BS
Bijapur Sr. Irene, Sr. Gracy, Fr. Jerry D’Souza SJ, Fr. John dsouza Sr. Francina S.J.C. Sr. Rita, Sr. Hrudaya SJT , Sr. Carmine UFS and Mr. Kilash 9
Bidar Sr. Christine and Manisha
Carmel Seva Trust
Humnabad Sr. Zeena BS, Fr. Sathish and others 5
Aurad Sr. Treasa SSpS, Sr. Linnet SRA, Fr. Harry, Sr. Roseline SSpS 4
Balki Fr. Karunesh and Sr. Laveena 2
Basava Kalyan Sr. Maria Jose 1

Activities and Programs during the last six months :

During the past year the prison ministry volunteers took the initiative to organize following programs in the prison:

Sl. No Method/ procedure Activity Persons responsible Date and place Number of participants / Beneficiaries
1 International Women’s Day Bijapur PMI Team 20.05.2018
Bijapur Prison
Cultural Program, Games and Entertainment, Talks
2 PMI Meeting of Bidar Deanery (Sacred Heart Parish, Bidar) Sr. Reena 21.06.2018 PMI Team Introducing the PMI and selecting new members for the Team
3 Formation of new team and PMI Meeting Sr. Reena 01.08.18
PMI Team Monthly meet
4 Prison Ministry Sunday PMI Team 13.08.18
PMI Team, Gulbarga PMI Sunday
5 Independence day celebration Sr. Linnet, Sr. Treasa and team 15.08.18
Aurad Sub Jail Prison
60 prisoners and staff Games and entertainment
6 Celebration of Prison Ministry Sunday Bijapur 13.8.2017 Parishoners Holy Eucharist
7 PMI Meeting in Bangalore PMI, Bangalore 18.08.2018 Sr. Treasa Meeting
8 Raksha Bhandan Program Sr. Linnet, Sr. Treasa and team 29.08.18
Aurad Sub Jail Prison
62 prisoners and staff Games and entertainment and motivational talk
9 Awareness on Girl Child and Child marriage Sr. Christine September 2018 Sub Jail , Bidar Lecture, Film, Games
10 Release of prisoner Sandeep Sr. Reena 25.9.18
Gulbarga Prison
On completion of 10 years of conviction By paying the fine of amount 15000.00 and getting release order from Bidar court
11 Release of prisoner Khalander Gulbarga 2.10.2018
Gulbarga Prison
On Gandhi Jayanthi Day Fine Rs.3000.00 and legal assistance at Raichur court
12 Eye Camp and Bijapur PMI Team Sr. Irene 30.10.18
Medical Camp
13 Skin Camp Gulbarga PMI Team 02.11.2018 150 Medical Camp
14 Celebration of Diwali in the Prison, Kaluburagi Gulbarga PMI Team 6.11.2018 40 Lighting the lamps and prayers
15 Prison Ministry meeting in Mangalore Local travel in M’lore, PMI meet 17.11.2018 1 person Meeting
16 Christmas program Gulbarga PMI Team 14.12.2019 All the prisoners participated Program
Christmas gift – Musical instruments to the prisoners
17 Christmas program Aurad Zone
18 Celebration of International Women’s day in the Central Prison Kaluburagi Gulbarga PMI team 16.03.2019 Women prisoners ContentGames, cultural program

Along with the inside activities the prison ministry team also takes the initiative to visit the families of the prisoners, meet the children, bring the children to meet the parents etc.


Prison ministry is an ministry of self giving and commitment without expecting in return. Once you inside the prison and come out you may feel burdened with heavy hearted feelings, the pain of the prisoners and helplessness when you could not be an help. But at that same time prisoner may feel light hearted, an inner joy and consolation after having poured out the sorrow. However busy we may be with our activities outside offering an listening heart to a prisoner will be a great service that will be counted.

There is a great need to bui;ld up the prison ministry team in our Diocese. All the volunteers need to be regular in their visits and other prison ministry activities besides once own busy schedule. Our team members are slowly withdrawing themselves and the interactions with the prisoners is going slow.