Family Life

Family Life Commission Team Members

Mr. David Bidar
Mr. Praveen Paul
Mr. Anand Raj
Mr. Bendre
Mr. Mothiraj
Mrs. Rekha

Fr. Lawrence Arun


Diocesan Secretary


Secretary: Fr Lawrence Arun Santhpur

Joint Secretary: Sr Flavy Castelino RNDM Dhupatmagaon Santhpur.

Core Group: Mr David Shalini Bidar, Fr Anil Kiran MSFS Bidar, SrKavitha Lobo B.S Chittapur, Fr Roque N.D’souza Bhalki,Sr Adrian SRA Santhpur.


Family is the basic cell of the society and the Church. According to the Second Vatican Council II, “the family is the foundation of society”. For St John Paul II, “the future of the Church and society centred upon the stability of the family”. Family being the basic cultural, economic and spiritual unit of the society and the church, the orientation given to family serves as guidelines for the society and the Church as well.

The family, the ‘domestic church’ is the cradle of the church, of life and love. As domestic church the family is called to be the place where the Christian message is first heard, is proclaimed and is lived. Therefore, the family plays a vital role in the evangelization of the families and at large to the society. In AmorisLaetitia, Pope Francis says, “The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church”.

Times are changing. Changes have stirred incredible transformation in the life and situation of the society. Invariably, every institution in the society is affected by the encumbered challenges which come interweaved with these changes in the environment. One such institution which has become susceptible to these challenges is the family. The unanticipated challenges have grown so monstrously strong that it can easily devour the frail and fragile homes. It should be noted that the overwhelming challenges have overpowered the ability and competence of the couples to fight against the challenges of married life. This has become evident in broken marriages, irresolute conflicts, alarming rise in the divorces, etc. Before the devastation could take its toll, church has to respond and come to the assistance of the families in helping them to address the challenges.

Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation ‘Amoris Laetitia’ states that, “the mystery of the Christian family can be fully understood in the light of the Father’s infinite love revealed in Christ, who gave himself up for our sake and who continues to dwell in our midst. I now wish to turn my gaze to the living Christ, who is at the heart of so many love stories and to invoke the fire of the spirit upon all the world’s families”(AL59). Hence we have chosen ‘Christ centered, Integrated and happy families’ as the vision and ‘Deepening the Love for Christ in families to live, love and serve’ as the mission of the family commission for coming three years accepting Jesus Christ as the Centre of all families.

VISION: Christ-centered, integrated & happy families.

MISSION: Deepening the Love for Christ in families to live, love & serve.


  1. Families filled with Faith & Gospel values.
  2. Loving and serving families.


Objective 1: By the end of 2024, 50% of the Catholic families in the diocese become a community of faith &love (Domestic Church)


  1. Family prayer is given priority in all the families.
  2. Strengthened fellowship within the family and with other families.
  3. Openness to have more children has increased among young couples.
  4. Elderly are better taken care off in the families.
  5. Aging factors accepted gracefully leading to a life of contentment.
  6. Father / mother (Widows) are better understood their roles.


  1. Organizing marriage enrichment programmes.
  2. Organizing family retreats
  3. Organizing a family get together once a year.
  4. Felicitating the couples with four & more children.
  5. Organizing senior citizens day.
  6. Organizing fathers’, mothers’& widowers’ days.

Objective 2: By 2024, 60% of the marriageable adults are adequately prepared integrally for the sacrament of marriage.


  1. The maturity level is increased.
  2. The children will have healthy knowledge of life, sexuality and relationships.
  3. Critical outlook and judicious use of social media among children, teenagers is seen.
  4. Vocational discernment for married life is seen among the youth.
  5. Engaged couples appreciate the values of marriage and family life and better understood their role and responsibility.
  6. Better knowledge of self and the spouse.
  7. Youth find a catholic life partner.




  1. Organizing programmes on family values for all catholic students from 5th to P. U. C
  2. Training the resource team comprising the teachers to conduct programmes on values and relationship to children’s / teenagers / youth.
  3. Coordinating with the youth commission to implement the above objective in the parish, denary and diocesan level.
  4. Organizing parish level programme on the effect of inter religious marriage and inter-denominational marriage.
  5. Organize regular language – wise marriage preparation courses at diocesan level.
  6. Organize a counseling sessions to engaged couples prior to marriage preparation course.

Objective 3: By 2024, 20% of the married couples are accompanied / enriched in their marriage at different stages of Life (01-05 Years), &20% of the married couples are accompanied / enriched in their marriage at different stages of Life. (05 – 10 Years)


  1. Most of the couples lead a contented married life.
  2. Couples know different avenues in preparing their children for their future vocations.
  3. The couples are committed to church oriented pro-life and large families.


  1. Organize regular ongoing Marriage Enrichment Programmes in every parish of the Region.
  2. At least programme at the parish level on spousal relationship.
  3. Foster family movements in the diocese.
  4. Organize sessions on the role and responsibility of in laws for a happy marriage

Objective 4: By 2024, well-trained & functioning family cells will be established at every zonal level.


  1. In most of the families the couples equally share their responsibilities and the family bond is strengthened.
  2. Conflicts are resolved between family members leading to stable marriages.
  3. Couples understand the mystery of sacrament of marriage.
  4. Increased number of families getting actively involved on the mission of the church.
  5. Migrant families are seen that they are not isolated.
  6. Couples foster vocations for religious life.



  1. Creating awareness in the parishes for the need of Parish Family Cell.
  2. Identifying the resource persons for the family cell.
  3. Organizing training programme for the members of the Parish Family Cell.
  4. Motivating the Family Cell members to visit the families of the Parish.
  5. Identifying the needy and wounded families

Objective 5: By 2024, the diocese has established a Marriage Bureau to find right partners.


  1. Marriage Bureau helps people to get over their anxiety in finding right partners
  2. Marriageable adults choose life-partner themselves without mediators




  1. A cell will be established with a qualified priest/lay person in counseling.
  2. Networking with other family counselors will be done.