Vision :

Faith filled and empowered women united for just society.

Mission :

To promote gender equality in the church and society, empowered women in economic, social, educational, political and cultural spheres.


  1. Organized active women cell in the parish/ mission Centers.
  2. gender sensitized faith full in the parish / mission centers.

Objectives :

  • By 2019 the diocesan level the active team will be formed and trained who will be taking initiative to train all other women cells.
  • by 2019 the existing 18 women cells in parish/ mission centers will be revitalized for active participation in the church and develop love for the Earth our common home. By 2019 at least 5 new women cells will be formed and exercises their rightful role in the church and society.
  • by 2019 each denary , one model women cell will be identified and trained in leadership to motivate other groups.
  • by the 2019 at least 50% of the Faithfull in the parish/ mission centers will be trained on gender sensitivity and equity in family and day today life.


Fr. Santhosh Dias


Commission for Health care

Annual Report of Women Commission GULBARGA DIOCESE March 2018 to April 2019

ActivityMethodologyWho/When/Where/How manyOut comeImpact
1.Monthly meetings

-Lectio Divine

-Holy hour

-Talk on women role.

-Gender policy


Pp and person in charge
Every month in all 21 groups in all over the parishes/Mission Centers
Women are interested to take part in prayer. Regularly attend the meetings though by fours some time.Few families are started family prayers, some families read the word of god,
Women take initiatives
In common work of the church .
2.Formation of new groupTalk on women real
Gender Sensitivity, the importance of family prayer so .on .

p.p. person in charge , on27/7/18 , in Nimbur 11 members

27/7/18,in Kandugole 13 members .

On 20/8/18 in Chalkapur
St Rita w.c , 20 member

On 11/4/2018,Mother Theresa w.c 30members

Women are happy to come for prayer , monthly meetings , unity and solidarity is build among the groups.There is thirst for spiritual needs ,
Few families started prayers in their families,
3. Girl child day celebrationEach girl child was given importance recognizing their worth , welcoming them
Offering flowers by them to mother Mary. And verities of food prepare by many families and
Served to all in common .girl children given more attention, sport conducted,
Prizes were distributed.
P.P Person in charge Team members, and parents, on 8/9/ 18. In most of the parishes/Mission CentersMany girls who came to the church were very happy.
They feel the importance of the prayer
Every girl child is loved by their Parents, respect their dignity, send them for
Study even higher studies. Child marriages are stopped.
4.Retreet and prayer at KowdialHoly mass
Vigil prayer, perching the word of God
20 Women from Gulbarga 30 women from Udbal attended 2 days night vigil prayer at Kowdial. On 1st & 2nd September 2018. 6 women from Gulbarga, 3 women from Udbal, 5 women from Talmadgi took part in chain Rosary on 18th & 19th Oct 2018.They feel importance of prayer in their lifeThey volunteer to go to Koudial and spend time in prayer.
They have the desire to go to potta for 1 week
To spend time in prayer.
5. Women’s day CelebrationTalk on Gender sensitization, input session on the theme “Better balance better world”All women in the mission centers and parishes joined with the other women to celebrate the day. Various dates and various places in the diocese of Gulbarga. Those in charges were Orbit, Sava Sangam staff, parish priests and animators of women commission..
They are aware of the dignity and respect that is due of every person both women and men.
Everyone is equally responsible to form just and peaceful society.

Action Plan for women’s commission, Gulberga, 2015 – 2016.

Activity HowWhoResourcesIndicatorResult
Objective – 1
GradingAll the exisiting Women cells in the parishes/Missions.Visiting and collecting the report of the activities doneSecretory & team members, PP,
sister incharge
Personal VisitsIdentified trainned
personals. (M.G)
Awareness on
Gender Policy
of the Church
To all the sellected members of Gulberga & Bidar DinaryTalk, Input sessions & DiscussionsSecratory, co-ordinator of the
deanory & PP
Food,T.A for the resource person & StationaryMonth of Nov,15 Collaboration with laity comm.members gain the knowledge of
gender equality
Objective – 2
Training on the concept of
Women’s cell
Priests, Concerned sisters,office bearrers of W.CResource personal Talk, Input sessions
& Discussions
from the region or one who the knowledgeFood, T. A,& HallDec-Jan, 2015-16 For zonal level
members gain the knowledge of
Women’s comm.
Visits to model
Group members.Few women from the group could be takenSecretory & team membersT. A & HallMar-16 Model W.C is
Women learn & by
seeing & adopt in
their groups.
Objective – 3
Awareness on capacity buildingAll the leaders of W.C and incharge personsTalk, Input sessions
& Discussions
Secretory, P.P & team membersFood & T. AFeb,2016 – Zonal
level training
Model W.C are formed
to build just society.
Objective – 4
sellected membersTalk, Input sessions
& group Discussions
Secretory, P.P Resource personRefreshment
Prizes & T.A
W.C members are trained leadersFaith filled vibrant leaders, model W.C
in the diocese