Aland Mission was begun under the leadership of Fr. George Lobo on 20th April, 2009 and it was formally inaugurated on Sunday 21st June 2009. He made some initial contacts with people of Aland staying at the rented house of a Muslim. Sisters of the Holy Cross (Menzingen) joined the mission later part of the same year on 19th December, 2009 under the leadership of Sr. Mary George, Sr. Josephine and Sr. Mary Rita as community members and later they were replaced by Sr. Archana, Sr. Vijay Mary and Sr. Shalet Mary. The Sisters wanted to work among people in the remotest villages of Aland and they moved to VK Salagar village, which was 30k.m away from Aland and under the leadership of Sr Tina in 2013 the sisters took up systematic work among the most vulnerable groups : the dalits, women and children. Later in the year 2014 they moved to Kadeganchi village on Gulbarga – Aland road.
As no much progress was seen at Aland, the bishop requested the Carmelites of Karnataka Province to take up this mission. In August 2012 Fr. Elias Daniel and Fr. Joseph Pinto landed in Aland as pioneers of Carmelites in Aland taluka as per the decision of the Province Council. They stayed almost three years in the same house where Fr George stayed and started their work. They visited the families around and tried to build a rapport with people who belonged to the other faiths and there were no catholic families anywhere around. Fr Elias Daniel also purchased a property of 17 acres at Kadeganchi, on Gulbarga- Aland Road, close to the Central University as a place for all the future interventions of the Carmelites.

Mile stones:

  • 04/6/2008 :  Mission centre was opened in Aland Jane galli.  Pioneer sisters were :  Srs. Mary George, Arul Mary and Josephine
  • 2/9/2009 : We moved from Aland to V.K. Salagar a village 35 kms away from Aland.  Sr. Josephine began to work at the PHC at V.K. Salagar
  • 2008 and 2009:  One of the sisters worked with the Diocesan Social Service Society
  • March 2010 : Pioneer sister Mary George was transferred.
  •  2010 :  We began Health Promotion and Child to Child Action programs in 25 Government Primary Schools in Narona Block, Aland Taluka.  Extension of this program was to the corresponding villages where we had taken up the school programs.  Formation of Children’ Parliaments (15 villages), and facilitating the Children’ Grama Sabha in 5 Gram Panchayats, Child activism promoted in 5 Gram Panchayats.  All Children’ Gram Sabhas were attended by several hundreds of children from Gram Panchayat areas
  • 2011:  Sr. Jospehine pioneer sister Josephine who worked with the PHC was transferred. May 2011 we stopped working with V.K.Salagar PHC.
  • 2012 :  Sr.Teena who was part of Aland mission by initiating and coordinating the activities in the Govt schools, joined the mission.

Mission Revived :

On 24th June 2017, the Sacred Heart Mission was once again revived with the Eucharistic Celebration by the Bishop offering the Mission into the hands of Fr Anil Joel Prasad. He started living in a Lingayat house and established good rapport with people and leaders of all communities. He also looked for a place for the Sisters of St Ann, Bangalore who came to the Mission on 21 September 2017.

SAB Sisters at Aland :

Thanks to the Provincial Superior Sr. Arul Mary who sent their sisters to Aland. St Ann Sisters from Bangalore joined the Aland Mission under the leadership of Sr Lourdu Mary with Sr Susheela and Sr Lalitha as community members. Sisters have already started working among the poor and in the slums taking up some tuition classes.

Holy Cross Sisters (Menzingen) also served in Aland :

Holy Cross Sisters wanted to move out of the traditional Health apostolate, away from the Institutions into the periphery, remote village of Karnataka. They responded to the Lord’s call and came to Aland Mission and the Bishop welcomed them warmly as their presence was considered a blessing for the newly started Aland Mission.

Sacred Heart Mission

Director : Fr. Santhosh Bapu  – 9448790575
Revan Siddeshwar Colny
Aland 585302



Superior : Sr. Lourdu Mary, SAB 7406363260
Raju Yelore Building
Revan Siddeshwar Colony
Aland 585302 Kalaburagi