Sponsorship Programme


Secretary: Fr Vincent Thoras Jalasangvi

Core Team: Fr Fredrick D’Souza Gulbarga. Fr Steevan Veigas Gulbarga, Sr Lynette Lopis Bidar, Sr Priscilla Jalasangvi, Mr Ravi Jalasangvi.

Vision: Children are the hope and future of the family and the Church.

Mission: Helping the poor children to dream and to realize the same through accompaniment and support.


  1. Through constant spiritual care, motivation and quality education, at least 60% of the sponsored students will grow in faith, become self-disciplined, mature and committed to their goal.


  1. a) The Parish Priests and animators will take care of the Spiritual need of the children.
  2. b) Regular motivation camps are held at zonal and diocesan level and children participate
  3. c) All the children are members of MCA/ Altar servers
  4. d) Vocation to Priesthood and religious life is promoted
  5. All the high school and PU level sponsored children will be identified according to their Intellectual capacities and aptitudes and promoted accordingly.


  1. a) Children’s intellectual capacities and aptitudes are identified through various seminars and HRD camps.
    1. At least 10% of the sponsored children completing their studies and on job, with gratitude will help other poor children for their studies.


  1. a) Students on job are identified, contacted and requested to sponsor other poor children in the mission.