St. Lawrence Ashram, Talmadgi :

St. Lawrence Ashram, Talmadagi was started in the year 1999, during the tenure of Fr Elias Martis and Fr. Stany Monteiro. They stayed in Gandinagar in a rented house . Gandhinagar is an extension of the Talmadgi village. In 2000, Fr Elias Martis constructed the church and the presbytery. Hence the establishment took in the same year.
Talmadige centre had 4 faith formation villages namely ; Nimbur, Kandugole, Sitalgera and Itga. In the year 2000, Itga village got bifurcated from Talmadige centre and became an independent mission centre. Later on Talmadgi, Wadenkera, Gandhinagar and Hudgi villages were added to this. To support this mission 3 SMMI sisters Viz, Sr. Antonette, Sr. Elizabeth, and Sr. Nirmala joined the mission to render their service. They stayed 2 to 3 months in the presbytery as they did not have a house of their own. Soon their provincial put-up a small house for them in the church campus. Later on in the year 2006 they built a decent house and shifted over there.
Rev. Fr. Stany Monteiro assisted Fr. Elias Martis in this mission at the beginning of 1999. The mission work was undertaken by the team such as faith formation, woman empowerment, youth animation and education …etc. Under education, Bala Jyothi or Vidya Vikas programme , and Bala Sadana boarding was established to train them in faith formation and education through tuition classes. Sr. Elizabeth was also in charge of sponsorship and social work; she was going to the villages to form the women self-help groups and give awareness to them. Then the boarding was closed in the year 2010
In the year 2002, Sr. Rani came as the animator of the community, who took up the social work and developed women’s SHGs and much she was involved in pastoral activities too. Sr. Vimala Rosy Replaced Sr. Nirmala. Later on Sr. Antony Mary, Sr. Assunta, Sr. Sunitha and Sr. Pramila joined the mission. Then came the other group of sisters , Sr. Ancy Francis as the animator, Sr. Vincent, Sr. Carmeline, Sr. Monica Jose and Sr. Maria Jose. Presently we have Sr. Maria Jose, Animator, Sr. Elizabeth, back to mission for 2nd time, Sr. Evelyn Mary and Sr. Carmeline, who are continuing the work. With the director, all the sisters are caring out the ministries of faith formation and social ministry. Each sister is in charge of each commission that is liturgy catechism, women cell, HCA, SCC, Laity, ICYM and Evangelization.
In the year 2012 Fr. Abert Crasta started the St. Lawrence Kindergarten with 25 children. He also started the primary school but unfortunately he could not progress and was closed in the year 2014, due to various reasons. At the time of closing there were 54 children.

Sub – Station :

There are 4 substation under St. Lawrence Ashram. Viz. Kandugole, Sitalgera, Nimbur, and Wadenkera. The villages Sitalgera, Nimbur and Kandugole were bifurcated from Maria Ashram, Jalasangi and added to this mission. Kandugole church was established in 1996, Sitalgere church was established in 1999, and Wadenkere church was contacted in 2003, and church was established in the year 2010.
Other 3 villages that are Talmadgi, Gandhi Nagar and Hudgi were contacted in 2002, 2003, 2008 accordingly.

  • Village Ministry :

Faith Formation & Eucharistic Celebration:  

Faith Formation &Eucharistic Celebration: 

Sunday Morning: Gandhinagar

Sunday Morning:   Nimbur

Sunday Evening; Kandugole

Tuesday Evening; Wadenkere

Friday Evening: Sitalgera

The priest who rendered their service in this centre are as following:

  • Re. Fr. Elias Martis – 2000-2005
  • Rev. Fr. Steevan D’Souza – 2005-2008
  • Rev. Fr. Antony Britto – 2008 – 2009 
  • Rev. Fr. Simon D’Souza – 2009 – 2010
  • Rev. Fr. Albert Crasta – 2010 – 2015 
  • Rev. Fr. Gerald Sagar – 2015 – 2016
  • Rev. Fr. Victor Vas- 2016-2017
  • Rev. Fr. Sathish 2017-2019

Sub – Centres:
1. Sts. Peter & Paul Chapel – Kandugola C 200 F 42 Cat. 10
2. Bala Yesu Chapel – Sitalgera C 200 F 38 Cat. 3
3. Mary Mother of God – Nimboor C 77 F 24 Cat. 2
4. Nithya Sahaya Mathe -Waddankera C 72 F 16 Cat. 2
5. St. Lawrence Church – Talmadgi & Gandhinagar C 80 F 19 Cat. 10
6. Hudagi Christian Colony C 32 F 8 Cat. 0

Convent: Society of Mary Immaculate Sisters (SMMI)
Maria Niketan Convent
Gandhi Nagar
Talmadige P.O. 585422
Humnabad TQ. Bidar Dist
Superior: Sr. Maria Jose SMMI 8073269321 / 9483013202

St. Mary Primary School
Gandhi Nagar, Talmadige- 585329
H.M: Sr. Roseline Paul SMMI 9482370633


Sacred Heart Mission (2008)
Near Anjuman college,
Hunasagi Road, Talikote P.o.
Vijayapura Dt. 586214
Director: Fr. Victor Anil Vas 9743112739

1. VPM Eng. Medium School, Talikote
2. Sacred Heart Eng. Medium High School, Talikote
H.M : Sr. Marceline SCCG 9900641041

Convent : Sisters of Charity (SCCG)

Spoorthi Sadana Convent (2007)
VPM Eng. Medium School
Near Anjuman College
Hunasagi Road, Talikote P.O.
Vijayapura Dist.586 214
Superior: Sr. Marceline Veigas SCCG 9900641041

Family Visits &SCC Prayer Groups:
 Saturday Evening; Gandhinagar & Talmadagi
Wednesday Evening:    Nimbur &Sitalgera
Tuesday Evening:  Wadenkera & Kandugol
The Statistics of the As on 1st January 2016:
No of Catholics total:  668 Male: 320  Female: 348

No of Catholic Families: 125
No of Catechumens: 49
No of catechumen families: 16
Children going to School : From 1st to 10th 120
College &vocational training: 39

Mission Centre Association :

Missionary Childhood Association :  3 groups – 45 members

ICYM : one group – 20 members 

Self Help Groups  : 84 groups – 840 members 

Women cell : 2 groups – 54 members

SCC : 5 groups – 110 members

Sponsorship : 26 children

History of Maria Nikethan Convent, (SMMI) Talmadgi, Bidar. (2016)

  • Name of the Mission : Maria Nikethan

Year:  3rd of July, 2001

Pioneers :  Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Antoinate & Sr. Nirmala

Successive Superiors:  * Sr. Elizabeth – In charge Sister

                                            * Sr. Rani

                                            * Sr. Ancy Francise

                                            * Sr. Maria Jos

2. Achievements :

  • With the boarding children:
  • They used to celebrate all the national feasts, as in the schools,
  • Conducted early morning Yoga classes
  • Every year they used to collect children from 5 to 6 neighboring villages, whole day conduct different sports and tournaments and distribute prizes.
  • Conducted summer camps: gather the children who were studying in government schools & taught them English, maths and science. All of them use to get first or second in the class.
  • Collected drop out & dull children, & gave them coaching for one year, then according to their age they were readmitted in the government schools, they use to score good marks in the class.
  • Pastoral work:
  • Visiting the villages:
  • 1. Nimbour, 2.Talmagi, 3.Gandhi nagar, 4.Kadugole, 5.Sitalgera & 6. wadenkera. 7. Hadgi
  • Faith formation camps: Teach them how to take active participation in the liturgy, teach them musical instruments songs Eucharistic prayers and catechism.
  • During Christmas, we use to train children to enact from the birth of Christ to Resurrection, and put up simple way of light and sound programs in nearby 10 to 12 villages. 
  • Visiting the houses. 
  • Instructing the families to have daily family prayers
  • Preparing the people for Eucharistic celebration, 
  • Preparing the children & adults for sacraments, 
  • Preparing the couples for marriages,
  • Attending the cradle, birthday, engagements, marriages and funeral ceremonies and praying for the families with the families.
  • Set right the marriage and family disputes; praying for them and praying with them.
  • Counseling the children, parents and the couples.
  • Conducted SCC prayers in the families
  • Took active participation in all the activities of the church.
  • Worked hand in hand with the parish priests to keep alive and active all the commissions of the diocese and for the benefit of the people.
  • SCC prayers and all the spiritual activities in the centre as well as in the villages were vibrant and growing very fast. People use to come in big number for SCC than for Mass. Because, SCC was done in the houses, neighboring families of other religion also use to attend; all these growth and happiness was alive till the month of April 2015. 
  • Every year, the feast of St. Lawrence was celebrated as the church feast. It is very grand and donewith good preparation. Even for the Christmas and Easter, in the villages, there used to be short retreats, confession, Gospel reflection video clipping about saints’ life history, etc. A lot of hard work is done and the people are prepared people, before every celebrations.
  • Diwali is celebrated in the church, inviting all the people, and speaking to them about Christ, the light of the world.
  • Struggles:
  • Initially, sisters did not have residence; they had to stay in the presbytery for 3-4 months. Then our provincial put up small building with a hall & small partition with attached toilet. That hall was everything for our sisters. Dormitory, refectory, guest room, parlor, prayer hall, kitchen etc. Sisters had very tough time, but lived very joyfully. 
  • Scarcity of water was faced very much. We use to take children to wadden kera for bath and to wash their cloths. In spite of all these hurdles we lived happy and contented life.
  • April 17th 2015, Fr. Albert Crasta was transferred and Fr. Gerald Sagar took charge as parish priest on 17th May 2015. From April 17th to May 17th our Bishop placed the Bro Joseph Praveen, to take care of the centre & fulfill the spiritual needs of the people. He took keen interest in the mission activities, thus no spiritual exercise suffered in any of the villages. Thanks to Br. Joseph Praveen.
  • After the change of parish priest, the growth of our centre, drastically fallen. We could not go to villages regularly, no regular mass, no visits, no SCC, etc.  All the spiritual activities diminished. Number of participation decreased. When the priests are absent, they directly say, we shall postpone to next week, when father comes we shall have it. This is the common saying among the people in our villages. The sisters were unable to do anything. There is no apostolate from the institutions. Presently there is engagement only in pastoral works

Names of the Sisters who served in this mission:

  • Sr. Mary Elizabeth 2001 – 2007
  • Sr Antonate 2001 – 2003
  • Sr. Nirmala. 2001 – 2003
  • Sr. Rani 2002 – 2011
  • Sr. Vimala Rosy 2003 – 2007
  • Sr. Sunitha 2005 – 2006
  • Sr. Roseline Paul and Sr. Jecintha Flavia worked as teachers for one year in St. Joseph’s School, Bidar.
  • Sr. Anthony Philomina
  • Sr. Vincent Mariym 2007 – 2014
  • Sr. Punitha 2010 – 2010
  • Sr. Assumptha 2010 – 2012
  • Sr. Pramila 2011 – 2012
  • Sr. Ancy Francise 2011 – 2014
  • Sr. Carmeline 2012 –
  • Sr. Monica 2012 – 2013
  • Sr. Maria Jose 2014 –
  • Sr. Mary Elizabeth 2014 –
  • Sr. Evelyn Mary 2014 –

Maria Nikethan Convent, (SMMI) Bidar :

  • 3rd of July 2001 – SMMI stepped in to the land of Bidar.
  • Pioneer sisters – Sr Elizabeth(incharge sister), Sr Antonate & Sr. Nirmala.
  • Fr. Elias Martis was the parish priest.
  • 2002 – Sr. Rani joined the community as animator.
  • Visiting the villages,

1.Nimbour, 2.Talmagi, 3.Gandhi nagar, 4.Kadugole, 5.Sitalgera & wadenkera.

  • In the same year, Fr. Elias was transferred and Fr. Steevan D’souza took charge.
  • 6th of November 2008, foundation stone was laid for the convent building by Sr. Aline.
  • 1st August 2009 inauguration of SMMI convent in Gandhi nagar. Blessed and inaugurated the house by Bishop Robert Michel Miranda.
  • Every year novices come for the exposure programme for 15 days. They go to the villages with sisters, for house visits, teaching catechisms, songs, prayers to the children.
  • 3rd of June 2010 Sr. Punitha Joined the community, She replaced Sr. Anthony Philomina.
  • 13th of June 2010, Sr. Assumptha joined the community and worked in ORBIT. She was visiting the villages, conducting meetings to Self Help Groups in different villages. Sr. Rani also sometimes accompanies her to conduct and short seminars to the people in the villages.
  • They use to conduct medical camps in the villages.
  • Catechism camps were arranged for the village children. Our provincial use to send Sisters from Bangalore to help in the catechism camp.
  • 27th June 2010, Fr. Albert Crasta took charge as parish priest.
  • 24th June 2011, Sr. Rani left Bidar for her new mission chamrajnagar.
  • Sisters started tuition classes in the convent.
  • Sisters take active participation all the commissions of the diocese.
  • Sisters prepare the children, adult and married people for the sacraments, and receive baptism, communion, conformation and marriage. They too help the couples to rectify their marriages.
  • Sisters work hand in hand with priests and other congregation sisters during different camps conducted in the diocese.
  • All the sisters who go to ORBIT work responsibly by taking up the projects handed over to them, & accomplish them successfully. That’s what Srs Rani & Assumptha had done, now Sr. Carmeline is continuing.
  • After the community discussion, sisters in the community respond to the request of Fr. Albert, and decided to send Sr. Monica to school, which Fr. Albert was starting.
  • Every year, we celebrate the feast of St. Lawrence as our church feast, it will be very grand and with good preparation. Even for the Christmas and Easter, in the villages, we use to have short retreats, confession, Gospel reflection video clipping about saints’ life history, etc. sisters work hand in hand with the parish priest, to prepare the people, before the celebrations.
  • We received Bolero vehicle from Bangalore community for our mission work. Thanks to Sr. Aline for her initiative and interest towards this mission.
  • 2018 opened the school

Fr. Sathish Paul Raj SCJ


St. Lawrence Church C 745 F 130 Cat. 20
Gandhinagar, Talmadgi
Humnabad, Bidar- 585422 Director : Fr. Sathish Paul Raj SCJ 8892739224
Asst Director : Fr. Jude Daniel Vijay SCJ 8296675369

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