Secretary: Fr David D’Souza Gulbarga

Core Group: Fr Jerald Sagar Itga, Fr Deepak Furtado Surpur, Fr Joseph Praveen Gulbarga, Fr Clary D’ Souza Bhalki, Fr Anil Joel Prasad Aland, Fr Vincent Pereira Gulbarga.


The gift of the religious and priestly vocations is a unique reality in the Catholic Church. The gift of priestly and religious vocations is placed in the hearts of men by God. Ecclesial vocations are manifestations of the immeasurable riches of Christ (Eph. 3:8). The religious vocations in the Church is a divine call and a gift. The “vocations are like a diamond to be formed, both patiently and carefully that they may shine among the people of God”, says Pope Francis. Religious Formation of priests and religious is “an unbroken journey of discipleship”, which begins at Baptism, is perfected through the other sacraments and through seminary and religious formation, and it continues through the whole life in the form of ongoing formation. Formation is human response to the call of the Lord to fallow Him (Mt. 4:19). Formation is a human response of cooperation with the grace of God (2 Cor. 3:17- 18). The goal of the formation is to configure and be conformed oneself to Christ, as to become another Christ and to act “in person of Christ”. It is also a journey of the chosen disciples as to become “missionary disciples”. Formation is about growing to become more like Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. It involves the whole person, going through different stages of formation: Initial formation; Discipleship stage and Configuration to Christ and Ongoing Formation. The promotion of vocations and priestly formation have always been a major concern of the Church, held in the highest esteem and cultivated with all diligence and concern, so that they can blossom and mature (Charter of Formation: According to the Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Dabo Vobis, there are four dimensions of priestly formation, such as the human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. which enables to serve the flock entrusted to their care as “pastors with the smell of the sheep” (nos. 43-59).

VISION: Priests, Religious & Seminarians serving as missionary disciples.

MISSION: The candidates for priesthood are accompanied in human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation making them living witnesses to the Risen Lord, and proclaim the Gospel.


  1. Catch them young for the Mission of the Lord.
  2. The candidates accompanied in human, spiritual, intellectual, missionary & pastoral formation are confirmed in their priestly vocation.
  3. Priests & religious united & refreshed by the love of God & neighbour serve the diocese with missionary zeal.

Goal I: Catch them young for the Mission of the Lord.

Objective: By 2024, the diocesan minor seminary has sufficient (12) number of candidates undergoing formation.

Activities: Collecting data, preparing Brochures, visiting parishes and families for vocation promotions, vocation camps and having regular contacts through letters, emails phone etc.

GOAL II: The candidates accompanied in human, spiritual, intellectual, missionary & pastoral formation are confirmed in their priestly vocation.

Objective: Through an Integrated formation programs in place, the Minor Seminary will prepare candidates (Inter-mediatory & Graduation level) for priesthood regularly by 2024.


  1. Selection of Candidates, Forming Core Team for formation, Setting the Syllabus & time table, Resource persons and materials etc,.
  2. Appointment of Spiritual Directors , spiritual directions, Annual Retreats
  3. Mission exposures
  4. Regular Scrutiny, Annual Examinations and report.

Infrastructure & Finance and other necessary physical arrangements.



GOAL III: Priests & religious united & refreshed by the love of God & neighbor serve the diocese with missionary zeal.

Objective 1: By 2024, the mission team (priests & religious) through regular spiritual inputs, seminars and mission exposures has developed a sense of belongingness & fulfillment of the mission.


  1. Recollections, Retreats,
  2. Yearly mission orientations, refreshers courses and mission exposures within the diocese and outside

Objective 2: All priests and religious know the history, culture, social and contextual background of the diocese work for building a truly local church by 2024


  1. Village Stay and exposures
  2. Learning the local Bhajans & languages, traditions and cultural practices
  3. Seminar on enculturation
  4. Participating in local cultural practices
  5. Setting up a resource team