Reaching out to the poor, especially the youth in need has been the priority of the Salesians of Don Bosco. They have tried to achieve this through their numerous institutions for the poor and through community based intervention and programmes.
Hyderabad – Karnataka region in the State of Karnataka is one of the most backward regions in South India. This region consists of the districts of Gulbarga, Yadagiri, Bidar, Bellary, Raichur and Koppal and constitutes the dioceses of Bellary and Gulbarga.
The Salesians were again asked by the Bishop of Bellary to take up an area in the North of this region, more specifically in Raichur and Gulbarga for initiating community based programmes for the development of this area. To identify the most backward area in the region for their mission, a group of Salesians were formed into a commission and was sent to the area.
The commission submitted its report after visiting Devadurga about the starting of a centre in this region. The commission proposed that the mission area should extend to Gulbarga District too. Thus in 1996, Fr. Emmanuel and Fr. C. P. Varghese started the mission work in Devadurga. Fr. Thomas Myladoor, the then provincial and Fr. Jacob, the vice provincial went to see Yadagiri in 1996 after visiting Devadurga. After visiting Yadagiri, the provincial and the vice provincial, after taking into consideration the opinion of Frs. Emmanuel and C.P. Varghese, felt that the Salesians would be able to do something tangible in Yadagiri taluk. Fr. Thomas Myladoor wrote to the bishop of Bellary requesting him to hand over Yadagiri taluk to the Salesians for missionary work. Thus through a letter dated the 27th August, 1996, the taluk of Yadagiri was also entrusted to the Salesians for mission works.
The above Salesian priests pioneered the area. In 1997, Fr. N. M Thomas was sent to assist the Devadurga mission. They had a tough time residing in an old rented house. At the province level there was a long debate going on as to whether this mission was to be continued and if so, what its nature should be. It was decided that the taluks of Yadagiri and Devadurga would continue to constitute the mission involvement in the Bellary Diocese.
Fr. Sunny T. J. appointed the sole missionary to the area in 1998. He ventured to initiate the beginning of various pilot experiments and activities along with the study of the place by the end of the year.
Though the Yadagiri mission was started in 1996, it was looked after by Fr. Sunny, then in charge of Devadurga mission. Initially pastoral activities were given importance. Mass was celebrated in a house of one of the Catholics. On 23rd August, 2000, a farm was purchased and the visit of priests from Devadurga became more often. A house was rented in Yadagiri town and from June 2000 to August 2002 Fr. Sunny, the one in charge, used to remain in the same house and supervise the construction of the residence cum church while taking care of the pastoral needs of the Catholics.
The residence cum chapel was inaugurated on August 16th 2002 by Fr. Jose Kuttianimattahil the Provincial of Bangalore Province. It is being used as the residence and the church for the Catholic community of Yadagiri. Sunday Masses and other liturgical services are conducted for the public. Don Bosco Yadagiri was made a separate presence with Fr. Sunny as its in charge. During the same year Fr. Sunny proposed the idea of Don Bosco College of Education with B.Ed, D. Ed. School, separate Hostels for boys and girls etc and the same was approved in the provincial council of October 26 2006. In 2004 Don Bosco Primary School was started. In the same year Fr. K. C. Mahtew joined the community as the administrator and in charge of the school. In December 2004 we got the approval of NCTE to start the D. Ed course and the course was started in January 2005 . In the year 2005 Fr. Joshy joined the community as vice – Prinicpal of the college. In August 2005 Don Bosco, Yadagiri became part of the newly established diocese of Gulbarga. In November 2005, the NCTE gave the approval for starting of B.Ed Course and the course was stated in January 2006.
In 2009 Fr. Regi was appointed as the director of Social developmental work. 2010 Fr. Saji George came as Vice – Rector, Vice – Principal and Administrator and Fr. Pius as the one in – charge of the school.
In 2008 October Don Bosco Tech and Don Bosco School Building was inaugurated by Fr. Maria Arokiam, Regional Councilor for South Asia. In the year 2012, in the month of May Fr. Sunny the pioneer and founder of Don Bosco Institutions Yadagiri was transferred to Don Bosco Pavur near Mangalore. Fr. Pius the School In-Charge and Liturgical Animator of the community was transferred to Don Bosco Tumkur. Fr. Saji George the administrator and Vice-rector was appointed the new Rector and School Principal. Fr. Regi was given the additional charge of Vice Rector and Don Bosco Tech director. The house got a new administrator in the person of Fr. Devassy Kadparambil in the year 2012-2013. The year 2012-2013 Don Bosco Child Labour Centre was begun with 50 Students intake which was supported by the Government of Karnataka SCLP Programme. With the permission of the Provincial and his council two new ventures were started namely ‘Savio Bhavan Boys Hostel’ and Don Bosco P.U. College. Even though we got permission from the P.U. Board for 3 streams, only the Commerce section was started and later Science was added later. First Batch of our S.S.L.C students appeared for the Board Examinations and we are proud of the fact that we got the best results in Hyderabad Karnataka region. We got a 100% First Class with many students having distinction marks. Our B.Ed. students also fared really well in the University Examination. Out of the 98 who wrote the examination 97 got distinction marks and 1 got first class. This was the best result ever that the college got in its past history. The Academic Year 2014-2015 Results our S.S.L.C students did exceptionally well and once again scored a perfect 100% First Class.
P.U. College has picked up with two batches of students (Science & Commerce Streams) The college now has a strength of 63. Well furnished Labs (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) have been set up. A church building for the would be Yadgiri parish is completed in 2017. It was blesses by Most. Rev Dr Robert Miranda, Bishop Robert Miranda. FR. Jolly SDB was appointed as the first Parish Priest on the same year 2017. This Academic year as the students in the hostel has gone up to 85 boys, we have started the construction of a new hostel Savio Bhavan.
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Website: www.donboscoyadgiri.org

Activities :

    • Don Bosco College of Education – B.Ed
    • Don Bosco School
    • Don Bosco Hostel for Girls: Mamma Margaret Home
    • Don Bosco Centre for Social Action 
    • SHGs, Youth Groups, Classes for School Dropout Children 
    • Child Labour Rescue and rehabilitation, Child Labour School, 
    • Community Development and peoples empowerment programme, 
    • Missing Child Bureau,
    • CREAM, SPED projects
    • Child Rights Clubs in School, Don bosco Child Line 
    • Don Bosco Tech

– Computer Training, B.P.O
– Tailoring
– Electrical
– Sales and marketing

  • Don Bosco Parish and Mission

Our Vision and Mission:

Don BoscoYadgiri envisions a positive change in the educational scenario of the region through our involvement in the B.Ed. College, the P.U.College, the School, the Technical School, the Hostels and the Villages by making the beneficiaries well integrated persons who become agents of social transformation. Our involvement in the neighboring Villages and our Parish Ministry aims at empowering the people especially the underprivileged through evangelization and education.

Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC) :

Don Bosco Complex, Chitapur Road, YADGIR 585202

Brief History :

At the request of Fr. Jose Kuttianimattathil SDB the provincial of Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore, the sisters started their presence in Yadagiri on June 6th 2005. On April 24th Fr. Provincial, Sr. Bridget the provincial and Sr. Ivy Joseph made a visit to the place and decided to start work by the beginning of June. As Sr. Ivy Joseph and Sr. Maria Kujur Arrived at there were 12 D.Ed. 1st Year students staying along with fathers in the college premises. They too joined them till 24th of June, there after they shifted to a rented house were the girls, two teachers, Mary and Rinta and the Sisters remained. They had daily Eucharistic celebrations from then onwards. During the commencement they were belonging to the Diocese of Bellary but at present are part of the newly erected Diocese of Gulbarga.
By December the numbers of girls increased and also there was scarcity of water and so they had to shift back to the college campus were the sisters occupied one of the classrooms and girls in another room. Father provided with food and all the other necessity, free of cost. Meanwhile the construction of the hostel began and by the grace God the building was blessed by Fr. Jose Kuttianimattathil on August 23rd. we had no official inauguration, but on his short visit to Yadagiri, Fr. Jose Kuttianimattathil, the provincial of Sacred Heart province of Bangalore, Blessed the Girls Hostel building. They shifted their stay to the new building on 30th September. The construction of the house was done by the Fathers and the furniture was being provided by our higher superiors. The functioning of the house is done by the sisters independently. Sr. Roopa joined the community in June 2006.
The main purpose of their existence in Yadagiri was to look after the hostel girls and to work in collaboration with fathers in the ministry of Education. Christian values are imparted to the girls who are entrusted to us through our goodnight thoughts, sharing of God experience and Sacramental practices. Presently there are 4 sisters actively involved in the apostolate in collaboration with the Salesian Fathers. They reach out to people of all faiths by involving in diverse ministries such as family visits, medical mission and women empowerment through Self help groups etc. As a whole, people are very happy with their apostolic involvement and they appreciate very much.

Fr. Kavilaveettil Jolly SDB

Fr. Kavilaveettil Jolly SDB

Parish Priest

Don Bosco Mission F. 19 C. 107
Yadagiri-Chittapur Road,
Yadagiri Dist- 585202
Rector: Fr. Kannukettiyil Mathew SDB 0847325-2538833 9845770521
Parish Priest: Fr. Kavilaveettil Jolly SDB 9483366264

1. Don Bosco School
H.M.: Fr. Ebenezer Stanly George SDB 9972618619
2. Don Bosco P.U.College
Principal: Fr. Kannukettiyil Mathew SDB 984577052
3. Don Bosco B.Ed. College
Principal: Fr. Puthur Joshy SDB 9448903331
4. Centre for Social Action, M.C.B, Child Labour Centre
5. Don Bosco Technical School
In-Charge: Fr. George Kollashany SDB 9945673785
6. Savio Bhavan – Don Bosco Boys’ Hostel
Director: Fr. Kannukettiyil Mathew SDB 9845770521

Convent: Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC)
Don Bosco Nagar
Yadagiri-Chittapur Road, Yadagiri P.O. 585 202
Superior: Sr. Maria Kujur MSMHC 9449613188

1. Mamma Margaret Home- Don Bosco Girls’ Hostel
Don Bosco Campus
Yadagiri-Chittapur Road, Yadagiri P.O. 585 202
Hostel In-charge: Sr. Manju MSMHC 9113208270