Secretary: Sr Reena SSpS Gulbarga,

Joint Secretary: Fr Praveen SDB Yadagiri

Core Group: Sr Susheela SAB Aland, SrJyothis DSS Halbarga. Sr Freda A.C Bidar,   Sr Amala SJT Vijayapura.


VISION: Workers united based on values of Justice, Equality and Fraternity.

MISSION: Empowerment of the working classes in the light of the Indian Constitution and Social Teachings of the Church.

GOAL:Organized, Empowered workers enjoy their rights.


Objective 1: By the end of 2024, at least 10,000 construction workers and agricultural labourers are registered under the Karnataka construction workers’ welfare scheme and are enjoying the benefits of the same.


  1. By checking the number of renewals of registrations already done.
  2. By checking the increase or decrease in number.

Objective 2: By the end of 2024, 2000 more domestic workers are organized.


  1. Each deanery identifies at least 300 domestic workers by 2024.
  2. Establish a help desk at diocese level by 2024.
  3. Two meetings at deanery level and one meeting at diocesan level are organized per annum.

Objective 3: By 2024, 7000 workers are aware of the Constitutional Rights, Social Teachings of the Church, Human Rights, ILO Pronouncements and various Schemes of the Government.


  1. Awareness programmes /classes on Constitutional Rights, ILO pronouncements and Government benefits.
  2. Social teaching of the church is included into the catechetical and moral education curriculum.
  3. Certain Sundays/national celebration of the year social teachings of the church on constitution are taken up for preaching on Independence day, Republic day, Constitution day (26th November) in all the parishes.

Objective 4: By 2024, at least 500 Child Labourers are readmitted into schools and are continuing education.


  1. Educate parents about the importance of education of children and prevent them from sending for work.
  2. Create awareness among the parents about evils of child labour and bring back the joy of childhood.
  3. Rescued children get proper attention, Education and skills for better future.

Objective 5: All church-related organizations/institutions follow the guidelines set up by KRCBC for the welfare of workers by 2024.


  1. Meetings are held by core committee to draft the guidelines.

Objective 6: The commission will network with likeminded NGOs & GOs to obtain the benefits due to the laborers.