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Bishop Extends Warm Welcome to Sisters of the Helps of Mount Rosary (HMR)for Aland Mission

In a deeply poignant ceremony, the Gulbarga Diocese opened its arms to the Sisters of Mount Rosary, ushering them into the esteemed Aland mission. Under the auspices of Bishop Robert Miranda, accompanied by reverend guests including Superior General Sr Sunitha D’Souza HMR and distinguished priests, the occasion was graced with blessings and inaugural rites.

Commencing with a heartfelt Thanksgiving Mass, Bishop Robert Miranda led the faithful in expressing gratitude for the forthcoming journey of service and devotion. A poignant highlight of the event was the Bishop’s symbolic installation of the Sisters at Aland, where he entrusted them with the key to the holy tabernacle, symbolizing their sacred duty in nurturing faith and compassion.

Amidst applause, Fr. Santhosh Bapu felicitated the Sisters and honored all who contributed to the success of the event, underscoring their dedication and commitment.

In a symbolic gesture, Superior General Sr. Sunitha D’Souza and Bishop Robert Miranda jointly signed the agreement, reaffirming their dedication to the service of humanity and the teachings of Mother Mary.

The ceremony concluded with a communal feast, fostering unity and camaraderie among all attendees, symbolizing the shared commitment to service and devotion in the esteemed Alnad mission.

This historic occasion not only marked a milestone in the annals of the Gulbarga Diocese but also epitomized the unwavering commitment to humanitarian service and faith propagation.

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