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Christmas Celebration

Aland: The second interreligious Christmas celebration in Aland was really a memorable one. On 22nd of December the programme began at 12pm in the presence of different religious heads, politicians n dignitaries n the local MLA Mr. Subhash Guthedar. Bishop Robert Miranda precided over the programme in the presence of Vicar General n Fr. Stany Goveas the Dean.

The programme was attended by around 500 people consisting of slum dwellers n all people of all walks of life. The students from St. Mary School Cathedral n Bethany school Gulbarga presented the Christmas skit with good message.

Dignitaries in their Christmas messages appreciated the meaningful n well organised programme n requested to have to have it every year. They also acknowledged the service of priests nuns in the slums of Aland n elsewhere. Few said that the Christian presence in Aland is really noteworthy in terms of peace n harmony in this most backward n religiously sensitive place.The sumptuous meals was served to all those who were present as a sign love n fellowship. As a token of love a book containing the literature on Jesus was given to all the participants. Aland mission is really progressing to evangelize the people around through interreligious harmony n serving the people of slum.

The whole programme was well organised under the leadership of Fr. Anil Joel Prasad n the sisters.

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