The prayer and monthly recollection of the clergy took place on 4th January 2019 at Sugyan, the diocesan pastoral canter. Rev Fr. Lumnesh Kumar S.J was the resource person and he expanded in a very scholarly, and much convincingly on eco spirituality and enlightened us all. He opened stating that, now a days and in general, when we talk about ecology, we handle some symptoms rather than dealing with the causes related to issue, we end up like making a resolution pf planting a few trees and beatifying a garden or so. Rather, ecological questions must have to do with our life style, our attitudinal changes.
There has got to be an eco-justice dimension too, as it was said by Pope Benedict in his ‘Caritas in Veritate’. Besides, Fr. Lumnesh added that today the whole ecological issue has to be seen as connected to human and nature’s survival – issues of human and nature’s survival; it has got to be dealt with as having an economic, political, ethico-moral side; the ecological issues are nonetheless deeply related to our spiritual and Ethico-moral stances and Father Kumar expanded all of the headlines with convincing examples and statements.
As clergy, servants of God and the people, Ecology has to be viewed in relation to God’s Presence in nature – it demands re-establishing the right relationship with God, Neighbour and Nature – from amoeba to the whole living and non-living universe under our custody . Because we all are interrelated, interdepended to each other, the whole chain of them.
Fr Stany Govias helped the clergy to prepare for confession and Fr. Santhosh Dais celebrated the Eucharist. Bishop Robert Miranda had very intimate exchanges amd vitation reminded the priests about the goal and vision of the diocese. 30 priests were gathered and prayed in the company of Priests.

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