Small Christian Communities

Objectives : By the end of 2019 in all the parishes scc groups are trained

Commission team members:

Fr Stephen Veigas Fr Praveen Joseph
Sr Reena sindagi Sr Deepa
Mr Abraham
Fr Vincent Thoras

Fr Vincent Thoras

Diocesan Secretary
Activity Persons responsible Place & Date Number of participants Methods/ Procedure Result outcome Impact on the participants
SCC Training for scc Units in the Parishes SCC Training for scc Units in the Parishes

Word of God in suggested Word of God in suggested
ContentCommission Secretary

Commission Secretary

Talmadige (Hudugi)


Jalasangi( Othgi)

Bhalki (Dadgi base)








Talks, Sharing of Word of God in 7 steps,
through Bishop’s circular
The members in the scc units have learnt to share the word of God. They have overcome their timidity and fear They are able to pray better They reach out to the needy and support each other

All the scc units reflect the same word of God
They learnt the need for unity in the community. People are reaching out to each other in need Participation of the community in the church activities in improved Each one is important in the community. Hence everyone is encouraged to read, reflect and share their reflection. They have felt the need for SCC and leaders will invite many more people in the coming days.

Word of God on unity of the community and Christian virtues helps the people to build value based community and motivates them to witness Christ.

Total number of scc units are 54. Eight units are increased this year.