St. Francis Xavier Church Sedam

St. Francis Xavier church, Sedam was blessed on 1st March 2000. Fr. Jayajaj Patti was the first parish priest at the time of church’s construction.  After him Fr. Henry Fernandes took charge of the parish on 15th May 2000. On 18th June 2002 Fr. Siby Thadathil succeeded Fr. Henry Fernandes. After which many priests have served at St. Francis Xavier church Sedam, namely Fr. Norbert Fernandes SJ (June 2004 –Feb 2005), Fr. Ambrose D’Souza SJ (Feb 2005 – May 2007), Fr. Richard D’ Souza (May 2007 – June 2010). It was in the time of Fr. Ambrose D’Souza, the sisters belonging to the congregation of the Helpers of Mary were invited to the mission. The sisters joined in the Mission in 2007.

After Fr. Richard D’Souza in June 2010, The missionaries of St. Francis de Sales were invited to the mission. Fr. Dorai Swamy MSFS was the first priest from the MSFS congregation to serve in the Mission. He served the parish as parish priest from June 2010 to May 2014. Fr. Arokia  Swamy  MSFS succeeded Fr. Dorai in May 2014. But due to his ill health he had to return to the province of the MSFS were he belonged. In the place of Fr. Arokia swamy MSFS, Fr. Anand Ekka MSFS   was appointed on 15th November 2014. In May 2015 Fr. Balavendra MSFS was appointed as the parish priest and   he is continuing to serve in the mission.

At present sixteen   families in the parish. Namely, one in Kurkunta, Five in Sedam and ten in Malked altogether sixty members in the parish. In the parish SCC prayer Groups are actively functioning. 




  1. 1 History of Kripa Nilaya Sedam (July 2006)

In the year 2006 on 25th May Fr. Ambrose S.J then a parish priest of Sedam invited the sisters of the Helpers of Mary to Gulbarga diocese to work at Sedam parish.

As a response to the invitation Srs. Asha and Seema (councilors) came for the first visit to Sedam on 11th September 2006. They visited few villages and met people and explored the situations and problems of the area, to get better understanding of the problems.

On 14th May 2007 Sr. Indumathi superior general, Sr. Shobhana councilor and Sr.Philomena newly appointed as superior of Sedam –Gulbarga Visited MOST  Rev. Bishop Robert ,and Sedam for the third time. The decision was made to start community and the inauguration was planned in the month of July 2007.

28th July 2007 is a red latter day in the history of the Helpers of Mary. Srs. Leela superior general, the newly appointed superior Sr. Philo , Sr. Sandhya and Sr. Nancy with great enthusiasm and zeal to continue the charism of the Helpers of Mary, by hushain sagar express at 9.50 p m from CST- MUMBAI.


On 31st July on the birthday of our founders mother Anna Huberta most. Rev. Bishop Robert Michael Miranda offered holy mas and explained the true missionary spirit by the very life and sacrifice of mother Anna Huberta. Mother Anna Huberta a German by origin came to India to spread the love of Christ in India; her arrival to India itself wasan inspiration for all to go where no one dare to go.The inspirational words of the Bishop inspired the sisters and gave a boost to their confidence, to work in Sedam. His very words of appreciation of our founder’s life made their charism to become a reality at this mission place.  

In the beginning they were staying in St. Francis Xavier‘spresbyteryand later in a rented house. In the year 2013 we build a convent which was blessed by Bishop Robert Miranda and inaugurated sr. Leela the superior general   21stApril 2013.

Successive superiors

2007 July TO 2010 July –Sr. Philomena Fernandez

2010 August 2014 May –Sr. Bastina menezes

2014 June to ……-Sr. Vinita

At present we have children’s home (only six girls. four are orphan two are with parents)

House is used for training programs for SHGs and PWD (persons with disabilities) and DPO (disable people’s organization

Tuition classes for 25 children surrounding areas in the evening,s.

Village visiting…

There were about 36 women’s groups were there at present 16 groups are functioning.

 Family apostolate: – regular visit to catholic families as well as surrounding areas.

Future plan

To increase the number of children in the boarding.

Starting a nursery (according to the needs and demand of people)


St. Francis Xavier Church F 19 C 76

G.K.Road, Sedam, Kalaburagi 585222

Director : Fr Selvaraj L MSFS 9008247810

Sub – Centres: a) Malkhed, b) Kurkunta

Convent : Helpers Of Mary Sisters
Kripa Nilaya (2007)
Helpers of Mary
C/o St. Francis Xavier Church
G.K. Road, Sedam P.O. 585 222
Superior: Sr. Josphine SHM 9480137994/8762856114

1.Kripa Nilaya Children’s Home
In-charge: Sr. Josphine SHM 9480137994/8762856114

Parish News SEDAM MISSION (1995)

Laity Sunday Programme at Gurkunta Chapel, Sedam

Holy Spirit Chapel, Sub-station of Sedam parish Celebrated  feast of the Holy Spirit and the Laity Sunday On 7th July Sunday,  Fr. Vincent Thoras the secretary for the Laity and SCC Commissions was the main celebrant. Fr. Vincent Thoras preached the Word of God and highlighting  the role and impotence of laity in the Catholic […]


Inauguration of Year of Youth:

Bishop of Gulbarga announced and invited all the Youth, Parish Priests, and Religious to inaugurate the year of Youth on 9th June, on Pentecost Sunday. All over the diocese the Year of Youth was inaugurated very meaningfully displaying the Logo. Thanks to Fr. Clevan Gomes, The secretary for the commission of Youth.  

Bhalki Parish BIDAR MISSION (1982) CHITAPUR MISSION Humnabadh Mission ITGA MISSION Jalasangi Mission Parish News SEDAM MISSION (1995) Ujini Parish

Faith formation Camp

Faith formation camps were organized all over the diocese of Gulbarga. Catechism Lesson were prepared by the Diocesan Catechetical Commission Team,  and every  team has taken keen interest in the formation of the children in their respective parishes. Children were taought basic prayers, Scriptural passages from the Acts of the Apostles and the lessons prepared […]

Parish News SEDAM MISSION (1995)

Triple Celebration

St. Francis Xavier Church, Sedam organized very meaningful triple celebration at Sedam on 3rd February 2019. The feast of St. Francis De sales, the Founder of MSFS Fathers, Family Day of the parish and also the Day of the Consecrated Life. Rev. Fr Lawrence Arun, The secretary of the Family Commission celebrated Holy Eucharist and broke […]