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Bhalki Jathrostav competitions at Bidar

On the occasion of Bhalki Jathrostav 2022, the cultural committee under the able leadership of Fr Wilson Fernandez organized various competitions for MCAChildren, Youth, Men, and women held on 24 October 2022 at St. Joseph High School, Bidar. All participants from all of the mission centers presented their well-prepared items on the stage, and the audience expressed their appreciation for the outstanding. The judges gave their fair judgments regarding the various competitions.   

Bible Patana Junior: First place Riya Itga, Second Place Kusum Jalasangi.

Bible Patana Senior:  First Place Preethi, Hulsoor Second Place – Asha Bidar

MCA Dance Junior: First Place Hulsoor, Second place for Itga

MCA Dance Senior: First Place Santhpur, Second Place  – Jalasangi

Bible Still Picture MCA junior: First Place- Bidar, Second place- Jalasangi.

Bible Stil Picture MCA Senior:  First Place- Bidar,  Second Place- Santhpur

ICYM speech Boys: First Place- Chandrakanth, Sacred Heart’s Bidar, Second Place- Sampath Katti, Bidar.

ICYM Girls: First Place-Ashwini, Chiittapur  Second Place-Sanjana Bidar.

ICYM Folk Dance Girls: First Place- Chittapur and Second Place- Bhalki

Folk Song: First Place- Bidar, Second Place- Hulsoor

Men Kavali: First Place- Bidar, Second Place-Sacred Heart Bidar.

SHGs Awareness Song: First Place- Hulsoor and Second Place-Bidar.


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