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“Lighting the Path: ICYM 2024 Inauguration and Training Session Ignites Youth Leadership and Faith”

A training session for the newly elected ICYM office bearers and animators took place on June 29-30, 2024, at Sugyan Gulabarga. The event marked the inauguration of ICYM 2024, attended by several dignitaries. The Bishop, serving as the chief guest, delivered an inspiring address, urging the youth to reflect on their spiritual growth. Dignitaries in attendance included Bishop Robert Michael Miranda, Rev. Stany Lobo, Rev. Fr Sachin Christy, Sr. Leena, Mr Peter, Mrs Malashree, and Mr. Yeshappa. Their presence underscored the importance of faith and the role of youth in the church.

Mr Naveen Anthony, the resource person for the event, conducted a key session focusing on the contributions of youth to local churches. His presentation included practical insights and strategies for active participation and engagement in church activities. The interactive session featured various activities designed to motivate and inspire the youth.

The program saw the participation of 46 youth members, who actively engaged in discussions, activities, and workshops aimed at enhancing their leadership skills and understanding their roles within the church community. The training session successfully empowered the participants, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to their local churches and communities.

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