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Bhalki Zone Youth Programme at Bhalki

Bhalki Zone Youth Programme was held on 25 September 2020 at Holy Redeemer Church, Bhalki. The first session was conducted by Fr. Sachin Christy  the resource person of the day, who spoke about the Church, and the responsibility of the youth towards the Church.  Fr. Clary emphasized the importance of the Sacrament of Recollection and prepared the Youth and  children for confession. Most Rev. Bishop Robert Miranda along with other 7 priests celebrated the Mass. In his homily, the bishop explained the various opportunities available to youth within the Church, both in their centers and at the diocesan level. Fr. As the Youth Director of the Gulbarga Diocese, Christuraj spoke to them, motivating them to fulfill their role in the Church, by modeling the values of Jesus to build up the Catholic Church together. Also, he gave various information about the programs of the diocese, forthcoming sports, Jathra..etc. About 60 youths from Bhalki, Beeri(B), Mural, Nedeban, Eklaspur wadi, and Hulbarga participated. Rev. Fr. Abhishek Moses coordinated the whole event beautifully 


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