Bible Patana 2022: Reading and Praying the whole Bible at Kristashrama

Together with the Bible Commission, Kristashrama, Kaudial the Diocesan Retreat Center organized Bible Patana, 11-days exercise involving reading and praying the whole Bible. It took place from March 3 to March 13, 2022. Sr Mabel SCB, Sr Christin SCB, Fr Sunil Mankare, Fr Clary D’souza, Fr George, Fr Santhosh Bapu, Dn. Sachin Christy, Sr Veronica UFS. Mr. Stevan, Sr. Theresa UFS,  Sr. Maria, Mr. Arjun Kanak, Sr. Edna, Mr. Laxman, Mrs. Benny Joy, Mr. Avinash, Mr. Prem, Mr. Pradeep all volunteered to read the Bible.      It was telecasted on the Kristashrama Facebook page to make people hear the Word of God. Many thanks to Fr Santhosh Bapu for organizing the event beautifully.

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