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“Grace Renewed: A Sacred Gathering at Mother of Divine Grace Cathedral for Chrism Mass”

The hallowed halls of the Mother of Divine Grace Cathedral in Kalaburagi bore witness to a profound gathering, as Bishop Robert Miranda presided over the Chrism Mass and Day of Recollection  21  2024. Joined by a congregation of 56 priests and devout sisters from various congregations, the cathedral echoed with solemnity and reverence.

The ceremony commenced with a stately procession, led by Bishop Miranda, symbolizing the sacred journey of faith. As the Mass unfolded, Bishop Miranda’s impassioned homily resonated deeply, illuminating the sanctity of priestly vows and the sacramental significance of holy oils. In a solemn moment of reaffirmation, the priests stood before their brethren and the congregation, renewing their sacred commitments with unwavering resolve. With a gentle touch and solemn prayer, Bishop Miranda blessed the three holy oils – the Oil of the Sick, the Oil of Catechumens, and the Oil of Chrism – imbuing them with divine grace and purpose.

Before the Mass, the morning was graced with a Day of Recollection, a time of introspection and spiritual renewal. The esteemed Fr. Stanly Kumar, Professor of St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary, captivated hearts and minds with his profound reflections on the spiritual significance of the Breviary in the priestly life. His words, like streams of living water, flowed with wisdom and enlightenment, nurturing the souls of clergy and sisters alike.

Following the sacred liturgy, Bishop Miranda gathered with the diocesan clergy, creating a sacred space for dialogue and communion. In this intimate setting, the concerns and aspirations of the diocese were laid bare, and Bishop Miranda, like a compassionate shepherd, offered guidance and solace to his devoted flock.

The Chrism Mass and Day of Recollection were not merely events; they were profound encounters with the divine, where hearts were stirred, souls were nourished, and spirits were uplifted. Through prayer, reflection, and fellowship, the faithful were reinvigorated in their faith and purpose, strengthening the sacred bonds of the local Church community. Truly, it was a day of grace and renewal, where heaven and earth converged in a symphony of devotion and love.


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