Premavani Communications Hosts Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Unlocking New Horizons

The SUGYAN Diocesan Pastoral Center buzzed with activity as Premavani Communications, led by Director Fr. Roshan Dsouza, organized a workshop titled “Workshop on Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking New Horizons.” On 12 -13 March 2024.

Fr Anil Fernandes, Director, Canara Communication Center, Mangalore was the resource person for the workshop.

The workshop aimed to demystify AI and introduce participants to a range of powerful AI tools that can revolutionize their work and personal lives. Attendees delved into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Google Bard, exploring their capabilities for generating human-quality text, translation, creative content creation, and informative Q&A sessions.

The power of AI for design was showcased through popular platforms like Canva. Participants likely learned how to leverage Canva’s AI features to generate images, remove backgrounds, and create professional designs with ease.

For coders, the workshop might have shed light on Copilot, an AI tool from Github that assists programmers by suggesting code completions and functions.

The creative minds in attendance were likely introduced to tools like Bingo and Leonardo, AI systems capable of generating poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, and more, all based on user prompts.

The workshop didn’t stop there. It ventured into the exciting world of AI-powered image and video creation, allowing participants to explore how AI tools can generate visuals based on textual descriptions.

For those interested in building an online presence, the workshop likely provided insights into creating free websites using various online platforms.

This insightful workshop by Fr. Anil Fernanfdes, Director of CCC, Mangalore equipped participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence. By exploring various AI tools and platforms, attendees gained a valuable understanding of how AI can be leveraged for creative endeavors, website development, coding assistance, and more.

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