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Bishop Inaugurates Premavani Studio in Gulbarga Diocese

GULBARGA, March 12, 2024 – The Diocese of Gulbarga witnessed a significant event today with the inauguration of the Premavani Studio. The ceremony was presided over by the Bishop of Gulbarga, Most Rev Dr Robert Miranda.

In his address, Bishop Miranda emphasized the crucial role of media in evangelization. He commended the efforts of Fr Roshan Dsouza for his keen interest in utilizing media platforms for evangelization. The event was attended by priests, sisters, and laity, reflecting the collective effort of the community.

Bishop Miranda expressed his appreciation for the initiative, stating, “The media can be a powerful tool in spreading the message of faith. This studio will serve as a beacon of light, guiding our community towards spiritual growth.”

On the same day, an Artificial Intelligence workshop was held for the clergy and laity. The workshop was led by Fr Anil Fernandes, Director of Canara Communication. The workshop aimed to educate attendees about the potential of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the modern world.

The inauguration of Premavani Studio marks a new chapter in the Diocese of Gulbarga’s journey towards embracing modern methods for evangelization. The studio, along with the knowledge imparted by the AI workshop, is expected to significantly enhance the diocese’s outreach efforts.


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