Parish News SANTHPUR MISSION (1987)

Inauguration and Blessing of Newly Renovated Christaprabha Chapel in Borgi, Santpur

On the auspicious day of February 13, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved with the inauguration and blessing of the newly renovated Christaprabha Chapel in Borgi, Santpur. The Bishop, a revered figure in the community, led the ceremony by offering the holy Eucharist and delivering a meaningful sermon that resonated with the essence of holiness.

The transformation of the chapel into its renewed state was the result of dedicated and hardworking efforts led by Fr. Lawrence Arun, the director of Santpur Mission. His commitment to the project was evident in the meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that the chapel not only underwent a physical restoration but also became a symbol of spiritual rejuvenation.

Crucially, the success of this renovation project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the faithful members of Borgi Village. Their support and active participation in the endeavor underscored the strong sense of community and shared dedication to the sanctity of the chapel.

The Bishop’s involvement in the ceremony added a profound spiritual dimension, as he not only blessed the newly renovated space but also imparted teachings on holiness. This collective effort, from Fr. Lawrence Arun to the faithful of Borgi Village, has not only revitalized a physical structure but has also enriched the spiritual atmosphere of Christaprabha Chapel.

The inauguration serves as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between the Santpur Mission, under the leadership of Fr. Lawrence Arun, and the devoted community of Borgi Village. Together, they have created a sacred space that not only stands as a symbol of faith and unity but also holds the potential to inspire spiritual growth and communal gatherings for years to come



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