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Diocese level Missionary childhood association Convention at Bhalki

The Diocese-level MCA program in Gulbarga marked a significant event. It kicked off with a creative inauguration, attended by 410 children from various zones. Animators and key figures like Fr. Stany Lobo, Fr. Clery Dean, and Fr. Abhishek were present. The inaugural function included symbolic lamp lighting, followed by adoration and confession.

The second day began with morning prayer and meditation, followed by sessions on the mission of Jesus and the history of the church. Vocation experiences were shared, and a Eucharistic celebration took place. The day featured a Bible quiz, a session by Bishop Robert Miranda, and cultural performances.

The third day started with morning prayer and cleaning activities. A delightful breakfast was served, and Fr. Maxim encouraged stepping out of comfort zone. An Infant Jesus procession and a concluding Eucharist celebration followed. Felicitations were given to Fr. Ambrose, National director of the pontifical mission organization and Regional joint secretary Sr. Margaret, with Bishop Robert Miranda emphasizing the children’s role as missionaries.

The convention received great cooperation from animators and parish priests, making it an incredible three-day experience for everyone involved. The report concludes with the hope that this event helps children witness Jesus in their lives.

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