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Nudi Namana: Loving tribute to Fr Benjamin D’Souza

NUDINAMANA Program in loving memory of late Fr Benjamin D’Souza was held on 19 September 2022 at Satyanubhava Centre, Basavakalyan. Including the bishop of Gulbarga, all religious leaders, and dignitaries such as Abhinav Ganalinga Rudramani Swamy, Sri Basavanappa Sibashetty, Sri Urilingayya Swamy , Mujayet Pasha. Sri Mallikarjun Kuba ex MLA, Milinda Guruji, Brahmakumari Saraswati, Professor Tambake. Sri Sanjay Makal, Sri Agustine High Court Advocate, Mr. Arjun Kanak, Sr Maria, and Dr. Chandrashekar Balkiwere were present on the dais. A short documentary film was displayed on the life of Fr Benjamin thereafter the various religious leaders expressed their love and deep sentiments on losing a dedicated man in society. Fr Bejamine D’Souza studied Holy Scripture from various faiths and organized various seminars to establish Peace and Justice in society.



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