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Uniting for Change: Inspiring Stories from the Inter-District Domestic Workers’ Meet at Gulbarga

The Labour Commission of the Gulbarga Diocese, in collaboration with the Karnataka Domestic Workers Union, hosted an inspiring inter-district domestic workers’ assembly at Mother Theresa Hall, Kalaburagi, on June 5, 2024. This remarkable event brought together 35 union leaders from Kalaburagi, Yadgir, Bidar, and Bijapur. Fr. Stany Lobo, the Vicar General, commenced the gathering with a heartfelt address, applauding the workers for their dedication in traveling great distances to unite. He emphasized the indispensable role of domestic workers and called upon the community to honor and fairly value their contributions. In observance of World Environment Day, Fr. Joseph Praveen, the parish priest of Mother of Divine Grace Cathedral, highlighted the importance of environmental stewardship and urged the unions to advocate for better living conditions.

The meeting served as a vibrant platform for union leaders from Yadgir, Bidar, Bijapur, and Kalaburagi to share their experiences and strengthen their resolve. They inspired one another to remain steadfast in their fight for rights and recognition. Sr. Reena SSpS , Ekamba facilitated the session, unveiling touching narratives of resilience and determination. One particularly poignant story was shared by a union president: “My husband died due to extreme drunkenness, and I raised my daughter all alone against all odds. I worked in 20 houses a day and built a three-storied building for myself.” Now, as a union leader, she dedicates herself to helping other members access social security schemes and addressing the challenges faced by women in their workplaces and personal lives.

The meeting also underscored the roles and responsibilities of the leaders, culminating in the election of a new Governing Board for the Karnataka Domestic Workers Union, Gulbarga. This event stood as a testament to the enduring strength and solidarity of domestic workers across districts, reinforcing their unwavering commitment to advocacy and mutual support.

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