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Elevating Education: GDES Hosts Transformative Teachers Enhancement Program in Gulbarga

Gulbarga, June 3, 2024– The Gulbarga Diocesan Education Society (GDES) successfully organized a Teachers Enhancement Program at Sugyan, Diocesan Pastoral Center in Kotnoor. The event, held on June 3, 2024, aimed to improve the teaching skills of educators from Gulbarga and Yadgir Districts. Fr. Stevan Veigas, the GDES Secretary, inaugurated the program with a compelling introductory message. He highlighted the significance of the event, emphasizing the need for sharing knowledge and fostering a deep commitment to the teaching profession among educators.

The program featured a keynote session by Fr. Joyson Vas SJ, who spoke on “How to Be a Good Teacher” and the “Profile of a Good Teacher.” Fr. Joyson Vas SJ provided valuable insights through informative talks, interactive activities, and group discussions. His session aimed at equipping teachers with practical strategies to enhance their teaching effectiveness.

Around 52 teachers attended the program, actively engaging in various sessions. The interactive format, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications, received positive feedback from the participants. The group discussions and activities allowed teachers to share experiences and learn collaboratively. The Teachers Enhancement Program achieved its goal of providing educators with new insights and practical tools for improving their teaching practices.  The Gulbarga Diocesan Education Society continues its commitment to supporting the development of educators, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide high-quality education to students in the region.

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