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Apostolic Carmel Sisters Celebrating 150 Years Of Their Foundation.

The celebration of the 150th year of the establishment of the Apostolic Carmel of India, Mangaluru was held in the Mother of Divine Grace Cathedral on Sunday, 9 February  2020. Bishop of  Gulbarga inaugurated it by unveiling the picture of Mother Veronica, the foundress of the Apostolic Carmel, and celebrated the Holy Eucharist with other con-celebrants. The sisters from Carmel Niketan and Maria Nilaya, Bidar made the Eucharistic Celebration meaningful by an inspiring introduction, meaningful offertory procession and by singing appropriate hymns.

Bishop preached a touching homily. He connected Sunday Readings to the life and mission of Mother Veronica telling people how she became the ‘Light’ and the ‘salt’ in her days.

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