Parish News SHAHABAD (1963)

Blessing of the New Grotto and Parish Feast at St. Thomas Church, Shahabad

On the 7th of July, 2024, a momentous event unfolded at St. Thomas Church in Shahabad—the Blessing of the New Grotto. His Excellency, Bishop Robert Miranda, graced the occasion, imparting his blessings upon the newly erected grotto. Coinciding with this solemn ceremony was the celebration of the Parish Feast, where the Bishop presided as the principal celebrant.

In his profound homily, Bishop Miranda eloquently expounded upon the unwavering faith and fervent desire of St. Thomas to encounter the resurrected Lord. The Bishop’s words resonated deeply with the faithful, inspiring them to strengthen their own devotion.

Following the Holy Mass, a reverent procession ensued, with the statue of St. Thomas being borne through the city. The faithful, united in song and prayer, lifted their voices in hymns and the recitation of the rosary. The atmosphere was imbued with a sense of sacredness and communal worship. Fr. Roshan D’Souza then led a solemn adoration, offering heartfelt gratitude to the Lord through this act of worship. The adoration was a time of reflection and thanksgiving, bringing the congregation closer in their shared devotion.

Fr. Gerald Sagar, the esteemed Parish Priest of St. Thomas Church, Shahabad, extended his heartfelt thanks to the donors and all who contributed to the realization of the grotto. In a gesture of gratitude and acknowledgment, Fr. Sagar felicitated these benefactors, recognizing their generosity and support in this blessed endeavor.

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