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Erection of Ecclesiastical Tribunal for the Diocese of Gulbarga

The Diocese of Gulbarga inaugurated its Ecclesiastical Tribunal at Yesu Nilya, Bhalki on 5 October 2023. At the beginning Rev Dr Laurdusamy, President of CLSI and Canon Law professor of St Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore instructed on the canonical aspects of Catholic marriage for the priests and the sisters. Later with the decree of the local ordinary the ecclesiastical tribunal was erected officially and the officials took oath of office and professed the faith.

The tribunal officials are

The Judicial Viccar : Rev Fr Roque Dsouza

The Defender of the Bond: Rev Dr. Laurdusamy

The Notary: Rev Fr Clary Dsouza

Bishop spoke on the importance of the Marriage Tribunal and instructed them to focus on validating the marriage, as well as to give immediate marriage preparation courses. Bishop wished success to the officials as they carried out this new task that had been entrusted to them.

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