Inter- Religious Forum organized Inter-School/Colleges Competitions on the theme of National Integration

The Interreligious Forum for Peace and Harmony, Kalaburagi, organized Various competitions for schools and colleges of the Gulbarga region on 10th Aug 2022 at St Mary church hall Kalaburagi. As part of the celebrations of our country’s 75th Independence Day, competitions were held on the theme of National Integration. 14 schools and a few colleges in Gulbarga city took an active part in the competition. Professor Sanjay Makal, the Secretary inaugurated the programme with an inspiring message. Prof Anil Patil, Smt Sampada Shah and Fr Devasia K mcbs were the judges of the competitions. 

In the Dance Competition,

1st Place: Bethany School, Gulbarga

2nd Place: St Mary School, Gulbarga

3rd Mahashri Vidyamandir, Gulbarga

In the Drama competition,  

1st Place: Mahashri Vidyamandir, Gulbarga

2nd Place: St Mary School, Gulbarga

3rd Place: St Joseph’s School, Gulbarga

Few individual competitions were held for the colleges and in the Speech competition

1st Place: Ms Sruthi from Sathyamma College

2nd Place: Ms Ishvarya from St Joseph College

3rd Place: Ms Laxmi from St Xavier College


In the Written Quiz competition

1st Place: Mr Irfan from St Xavier College

2nd Place: Mr Shivaling Satyamma College and

3rd Place: Ms Saima from St Mary PU College


In the Essay competition

1st Place: Ms Ambika St Mary PU College

2nd Place: Mr Vinaya St Xevier

3rd Place: Mr Vashanth, Shrividya College

While giving away the prizes to the winners, Fr Santhosh Dias delivered the presidential message calling on everyone to strive for Peace, Harmony, and Brotherhood. Fr Joseph Praveen organized the whole programme. The Interreligious Forum for Peace and Justice thanked all the HMs, Teachers and participants. All Forum members were present for the programme. Lunch was served to all the participants

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