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Rally in Bidar: Domestic Workers Demand Comprehensive Legislative Protections

Bidar, June 19, 2024 In a display of solidarity and determination, hundreds of domestic workers thronged the streets of Bidar on 19 June 2023, participating in a fervent rally organized by the Karnataka Domestic Workers Union in concert with various other unions. The demonstrators embarked on their march from Ambedkar Circle, culminating their journey at the District Commissioner’s office, where they voiced their demands for legislative protections of their fundamental rights.

Sr Reena SSpS from Ekamba, a prominent advocate for the workers, eloquently illuminated the dire circumstances faced by domestic workers. She articulated their urgent needs, which encompass the establishment of a welfare board at the state level, the enactment of comprehensive legislation for domestic workers at the national level, provision of housing facilities for migrant domestic workers, protection against sexual harassment in the workplace, assurance of safety at their places of employment, and overall legal security.

In a poignant gesture, the women submitted a meticulously drafted memorandum to the District Commissioner. This document passionately called for immediate legislative action to secure their rights and enhance their working conditions. The memorandum stands as a testament to their resolve and a clarion call for justice and dignity in their professional lives.

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