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Planting Hope: Environment Day Observed at Aurad Subjail

On June 15, 2024, the Prison Ministry India, Aurad zone, marked Environment Day with an inspiring program at Subjail Aurad, dedicated to raising awareness about ecological preservation and the importance of nurturing our planet.

Fr. Anil Crasta delivered an enlightening address to the inmates, underscoring the critical need to protect our environment and to take timely care of Mother Earth. His words resonated deeply, highlighting the shared responsibility we all bear in safeguarding the ecological balance. In a tangible demonstration of environmental stewardship, 25 saplings were distributed and planted within the prison grounds. This initiative saw enthusiastic participation from both inmates and prison staff, symbolizing a collective commitment to fostering greener surroundings.

The event was honored by the presence of several distinguished guests, including Superintendent S.S. Patil, Jailor S. Sukdev S., Fr Anil, Fr Clevon, Sr Secunda, Sr Linet, and Sr Reena. Their attendance underscored a united community effort towards promoting environmental consciousness. This initiative not only educated but also engaged the prison community in a meaningful act of environmental preservation, leaving a lasting impact and commemorating Environment Day in a profound and memorable way.

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